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Giles Jacob
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Title:  Tractus de Hermaphrodites

Author:  Giles Jacob

Release Date:  October 1, 2004 [EBook #13569]

Language:  English

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=_Tractatus de Hermaphroditis_:=

=Or, A=





    I. A Description of the several Sorts of hermaphrodites, and how the
    Law regards them in respect to Matrimony.

    II.  Intrigues of hermaphrodites and Masculine females, and of the
    outward Marks to distinguish them.

    III.  The material Cause and Generation of hermaphrodites, of
    unnatural births, Generation of monsters, extraordinary conceptions,


=Printed for E. Curll Fleet-street.=



Prefaces now a Days are rather Apologies for the Works to which they are prefix’d, than written for Instruction; and generally a ludicrous Scene is expected, if the Performance be of an airy Nature; or, if not, at least an introductory Specimen of what the Reader may hope for in the Body of the Work.

I shall make no Apology for my Subject, notwithstanding an impudent Libeller has endeavour’d to load Authors and Publishers of Works of this Nature with the utmost Infamy; and herein I admire at the Front of the Fellow, to pretend to Chastise others for Writing only, when he practises a great deal more Iniquity than any Book extant can prompt him to, every Day that comes over his Head.

My Design in the following Sheets is meerly as an innocent Entertainment for all curious Persons, without any Views of inciting Masculine-Females to Amorous Tryals with their own Sex; and I am perswaded there will not be one single hermaphrodite the more in the World, on account of the publishing this treatise.

It may be expected by some faithless Persons, that I should produce an hermaphrodite to publick View, as an incontestible Justification of there being Humane Creatures of this kind; but as I have no Authority to take up the Petticoats of any Female without her Consent, I hope to be excus’d from making such demonstrable Proofs; and if I had such a Power, the Sight might endanger the Welfare of some pregnant Female, whose Curiosity would spur her to a particular Examination.

The Intrigues of my hermaphrodites are indeed very amazing, and as monstrous as their Natures, but that many Lascivious Females divert themselves one with another at this time in this City, is not to be doubted:  And if any Persons shall presume to Censure my Accounts, grounded on a Probability of Truth, I shall be sufficiently reveng’d in proclaiming them, what my hermaphrodites are found to be in the Conclusion—­Old Women.

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