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Letter I.—­Departure from Greenock in the Brig Laurel.—­Fitting up of the Vessel.—­Boy Passenger.—­Sea Prospect.—­Want of Occupation and Amusement.—­Captain’s Goldfinch

Letter ii.—­Arrival off Newfoundland.—­Singing of the Captain’s Goldfinch previous to discovery of Land.—­Gulf of St. Laurence.—­Scenery of the River St. Laurence.—­Difficult navigation of the River.—­French Fisherman engaged as Pilot.—­Isle of Bic.—­Green Island.—­Regular Pilot engaged.—­Scenery of Green Island.—­Gros Isle.—­Quarantine Regulations.  —­Emigrants on Gros Isle.—­Arrival off Quebec.—­Prospect of the City and Environs

Letter III.—­Departure from Quebec.—­Towed by a Steam-vessel.—­Fertility of the Country.—­Different Objects seen in sailing up the River.—­Arrival off Montreal.—­The Rapids

Letter IV.—­Landing at Montreal.—­Appearance of the Town.—­Ravages of the Cholera.—­Charitable Institutions in Montreal.—­Conversation at the Hotel.—­Writer attacked with the Cholera.—­Departure from Montreal in a Stage-coach.—­Embark at Lachine on board a Steam-vessel.  Mode of travelling alternately in Steam-vessels and Stages.—­Appearance of the Country.—­Manufactures.—­Ovens at a distance from the Cottages.—­Draw-wells.—­Arrival at Cornwall.—­Accommodation at the Inn.—­Departure from Cornwall, and Arrival at Prescott.—­Arrival at Brockville.—­Ship-launch there.—­Voyage through Lake Ontario.—­Arrival at Cobourg

Letter V.—­Journey from Cobourg to Amherst.—­Difficulties to be encountered on first settling in the Backwoods.—­Appearance of the Country.—­Rice Lake.—­Indian Habits.—­Voyage up the Otanabee.—­Log-house, and its Inmates.—­Passage boat.—­Journey on foot to Peterborough

Letter VI.—­Peterborough.—­Manners and Language of the Americans.—­ Scotch Engineman.—­Description of Peterborough and its Environs.—­ Canadian Flowers.—­Shanties.—­Hardships suffered by first Settlers.—­ Process of establishing a Farm

Letter VII.—­Journey from Peterborough.—­Canadian Woods.—­Waggon and Team.—­Arrival at a Log-house on the Banks of a Lake.—­Settlement, and first Occupations

Letter VIII.—­Inconveniences of first Settlement.—­Difficulty of obtaining Provisions and other necessaries.—­Snow-storm and Hurricane.—­ Indian Summer, and setting-in of Winter.—­Process of clearing the Land

Letter IX.—­Loss of a yoke of Oxen.—­Construction of a Log-house.—­ Glaziers’ and Carpenters’ work.—­Description of a new Log-house.—­Wild Fruits of the Country.—­Walks on the Ice.—­Situation of the House.—­Lake and surrounding Scenery

Letter X.—­Variations in the Temperature of the Weather.—­Electrical Phenomenon.—­Canadian Winter.—­Country deficient in Poetical Associations.—­Sugar-making.—­Fishing season.—­Mode of Fishing.—­Duck-shooting.—­Family of Indians.—­Papouses and their Cradle-cases.—­ Indian Manufactures.—­Frogs

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