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James Emerson Tennent
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[Footnote 1:  The era and identity of Sandracottus and Chandragupta have been accurately traced in MAX MUELLER’S History of Sanskrit Literature, p. 298, &c.]

The Prasii, or people of Megadha, occupy a prominent place in the history of Ceylon, inasmuch as Gotama Buddha, the great founder of the faith of its people, was a prince of that country, and Mahindo, who finally established the Buddhist religion amongst them, was the great-grandson of Chandagutto, a prince whose name thus recorded in the Mahawanso[1] (notwithstanding a chronological discrepancy of about sixty years), may with little difficulty be identified with the “Chandragupta” of the Hindu Purana, and the “Sandracottus” of Megasthenes.

[Footnote 1:  Mahawanso, ch. v. p. 21.  See also WILSON’S Notes to the Vishnu Purana, p. 468.]

This is one out of the many coincidences which demonstrate the authenticity of the ancient annals of Ceylon; and from sources so venerable, and materials so abundant, I propose to select a few of the leading events, sufficient to illustrate the origin, and explain the influence of institutions and customs which exist at the present day in Ceylon, and which, from time immemorial, have characterised the inhabitants of the island.



So far as I am aware, no map has ever been produced, exhibiting the comparative geography of Ceylon, and placing its modern names in juxtaposition with their Sanskrit and Pali.




according to

The Sanscrit Pali & Singhalese Authorities.

* * * * *

NB The modern Names are given in Italics.


Sir J. Emerson Tennet]



N.B.  The names of subordinate or cotemporary Princes are printed in

Names and Relationship of each
succeeding Sovereign.  Capital.  Accession

sp;                                                     B.C
1.  Wejaya, founder of the Wejayan dynasty Tamananeuera 543 2.  Upatissa 1st, minister—­regent Upatissaneuera 505 3.  Panduwasa, paternal nephew of Wejaya ditto 504
       Rama Ramagona
       Rohuna Rohuna
       Diggaina Diggamadulla
       Urawelli Mahawelligama
       Anuradha Anuradhapoora
       Wijitta Wijittapoora

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