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    “John Petheram’s Catalogue of Old and New Books on Sale for Cash
    only at 94.  High Holborn.  Part CVIII.  No. 2. for 1850.”

a Catalogue containing some excellent books, which reached us last week, and was omitted from our last list by accident.

    “Catalogue of Miscellaneous English and Foreign Books in all
    Classes of Literature, selected from the Stock of Nattali and
    Bond, 23.  Bedford Street, Covent Garden.”

    “Bibliotheca Salisburiensis.  A Catalogue of Old and New Books on
    sale by J. Hearn, corner of the Poultry Cross, Salisbury.”

* * * * *



(In continuation of Lists in former Nos.)

Life of Colonel Birch.

Odd Volumes.

Goldsmith’s Miscellaneous Works. (Cairn’s Edition.) 12mo.  Edinburgh. 1804.  Vol.  III.

British Painters, Sculptors, and Architects.  Family Library. 1830.  Vol. 

Orbis Phaeton, sive de Universis Vitus Linguae.  Pars prima, A to K. Mons. 1629.

Political Magazine for 1780.  Vol.  IX. for 1785.  Vol.  XII. for 1787.

Hudibras. 18mo. 1716.  Vol.  I.

Valpy’s Delphin Classics. 63 and 64.  In the original Boards.

Inchbald’s British Theater. 12mo. 1808.  Vol.  IX.

Chevallier’s Epistles of the Apostolic Fathers.

Historical Romances. 7 Vols., or Vol.  I. Constable, 1822.

Letters, stating particulars and lowest price, carriage free, to be sent to Mr. Bell, Publisher of “NOTES AND QUERIES,” 186.  Fleet Street.

* * * * *


We have again had to indulge in the expensive luxury of a further reprint; and we have therefore the pleasure of announcing that our Second Monthly Part, which has been out of print, may now be had by such of our friends as want to complete their sets.

We are again under the necessity of omitting many communications, including Notes, Queries, and Replies, which are in type; but we hope, by enlarging next week’s paper to 24 pages, instead of 16, to find room for inserting many interesting papers which we have been hitherto compelled to omit for want of room.

To correspondents inquiring as to the mode of procuring “Notes and Queries,” we have once more to explain, that every bookseller and newsman will supply it regularly, if ordered; and that gentlemen residing in the country, who may find a difficulty in getting it through any bookseller in their neighbourhood, may be supplied regularly with the stamped edition, by giving their orders direct to the publisher, Mr. George Bell, 186. Fleet Street, accompanied by a Post Office order, for a quarter, 4s. 4d.; a half year, 8s. 8d.; or one year, 17s. 4d.

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