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1 pony Creme de Menthe.

Cut Straw in two pieces and serve.

CRIMEAN CUP A LA MARMORA (for a party of 10)

Into a small Punch bowl pour: 

1 pint Orgeat Syrup.

2 jiggers Jamaica Rum.

2 jiggers Maraschino.

2-1/2 jiggers Brandy.

2 tablespoonfuls Bar Sugar.

1 quart Champagne.

1 quart Plain Soda.

Stir well; pack the bowl in Fine Ice, and when cold serve in fancy Stem glasses.


Take 1-1/2 lbs. of Cut Loaf Sugar and rub the lumps on the skins of 4 Lemons and 2 Oranges until the Sugar becomes well saturated with the oil from the skins.  Then put the Sugar thus prepared into a large porcelain-lined or agate Mixing vessel, and add: 

12 Oranges, sliced.

1 Pineapple, sliced.

1 box Strawberries.

2 bottles (quarts) Apollinaris Water.

Stir thoroughly with oak paddle or large silver ladle, and add: 

1 jigger Benedictine.

1 jigger Red Curacoa.

1 jigger Maraschino.

1/2 jigger Jamaica Rum.

1 quart Brandy.

4 quarts Tokay or Sweet Catawba Wine.

2 quarts Madeira Wine.

4 quarts Chateau Margaux.

Mix well with oak paddle or ladle and strain into another bowl in which has been placed a block of clear ice.  Then pour in 6 quarts Champagne.  Decorate the Ice with Fruits, Berries, etc.  Serve in Punch cups or glasses, dressing each glass with Fruit and Berries from the bowl.


Use a large Bar glass.

Fill with Lump Ice.

One jigger of Sir Robert Burnette’s Old Tom Gin.

1/2 pony of Italian Vermouth.

Six leaves of fresh Mint.

Shake ingredients well together.

Strain and serve in Cocktail glass.


Into a bottle which will hold a full quart, or a little over, drop 6 ounces of Orange Peel sliced very thin, and add 1 pint of Whiskey.  Cork the bottle securely and let it stand two weeks, shaking the bottle frequently during that time.  Next strain, the mixture, add the Syrup, pour the strained mixture back into the cleaned bottle and let it stand 3 days, shaking well now and then during the first day.  Next, pour a teacupful of the mixture into a mortar and beat up with it 1 drachm Powdered Alum, 1 drachm Carbonate of Potash.  Put this mixture back into the bottle and let it stand for 10 days, at the expiration of which time the Curacoa will be clear and ready for use.


Fill large Bar glass 3/4 full Shaved Ice.

2 teaspoonfuls Bar Sugar.

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