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1 sliced Orange.

3 slices Pineapple.

Decorate with Fruit and serve in Champagne goblets.


Fill medium Bar glass 1/3 full Shaved Ice.

3 dashes Lemon Juice.

Fill up with Champagne.

Stir gently; dress with Fruit and Berries; dash with Brandy and serve with Straws.


Fill Goblet 1/2 full ice-cold Champagne.  Fill up balance of Goblet with ice-cold Porter.  Stir and serve.


Fill large Bar glass 2/3 full Shaved Ice.

1 teaspoonful Bar Sugar.

1/4 jigger Curacoa.

1 jigger Port Wine.

1 Egg.

Fill up with Milk; shake well; strain into Punch glass; grate Nutmeg on top and serve.


Into a large Bar glass break a fresh Egg.

1 teaspoonful Sugar.

4 lumps Cracked Ice.

Fill up with Sweet Cider.

Shake; strain into tall, thin glass and serve with grated Nutmeg on top.


4 lumps Ice in medium size Mineral Water glass.

Fill up with Claret and serve.


Dissolve one teaspoonful of Sugar with little Water in large Bar glass.

1 quartered slice Orange.

2 jiggers Claret.

Fill up with Shaved Ice and serve with Straws.

CLARET CUP (2-gallon mixture)

For mixing use a large Punch bowl or other suitable vessel of glass or porcelain lined.

6 Oranges, sliced.

3 Lemons, sliced.

2 Pineapples.

2 jiggers Abricontine.

4 jiggers Curacoa.

4 quarts Claret.

3 pints Apollinaris.

Mix well with a Ladle and set aside for three hours before using.  Then strain info another bowl, and when ready to use add 3 pints of some sparkling Wine, preferably Champagne.  Stir gently once or twice, and then put in a block of clear Ice and decorate the top of it tastily with Fruits and let several slices of Grape Fruit float around in the bowl.  Serve in Champagne glasses.


Fill large Bar glass 1/2 full Shaved Ice.

2 heaping teaspoonfuls Bar Sugar dissolved in a little Water.

1 whole Egg broken in.

1-1/2 Jiggers Claret Wine.

Shake thoroughly; strain into Punch glass; sprinkle with Nutmeg on top and serve.


Fill large Bar glass 2/3 full Shaved Ice.

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