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Of General Interest to Mothers

    Wilhelm Meister ($1.00, postage 14c), Goethe.

    Story of My Life ($1.50, postage 14c), Helen Keller.

    The Ordeal of Richard Feveril ($1.50, postage 14c), George

    Up from Slavery ($1.50, postage 14c), Booker T. Washington.

    Emmy Lou ($1.50, Postage 14c), Mrs. George Madden Marten.

    The Golden Age ($1.00, postage 10c), Kenneth Grahame.

    Dream Days ($1.00, postage 10c), Kenneth Grahame.

    In the Morning Glow ($1.25, Postage 12c), Roy Rolf Gilson.

    Man and His Handiwork, Wood.

    Primitive Industry ($5.00, postage 40c), Abbott.

    Every Day Essays ($1.25, postage 10c), Marion Foster

    Family Secrets ($1.25, postage 10c), Marion Foster Washburne.


Fairy Tales

    Grimm’s Fairy Tales ($0.50, postage 14c).

    Andrew Lang’s Green, Yellow, Blue and Red Fairy Books (each
    $0.50, postage 14c).

    Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tales ($0.50, portage 14c).

    Tanglewood Tales ($0.75, postage 14c), Hawthorne.

    The Wonder Book ($0.75, postage 12c), Hawthorne.

    Old Fashioned Fairy Tales by Tom Hood, retold by Marion Foster
    Washburne. (In press.)

    Adventures of a Brownie, by Dinah Maria Mulock Craik.  Edited
    by Marion Foster Washburne. (In press.)

A Few Books for Various Ages

    Water Babies ($0.75, postage 12c), Charles Kingsley.

    At the Back of the North Wind ($0.75, postage 12c), George

    Little Lame Price ($0.50, postage 8c), Dinah Maria Mulock

    In the Child World ($2.00, postage 16c), Emilie Poulson.

    Nature Myths ($0.35, postage 6c), Flora J. Cooke.

    Sharp Eyes ($2.50, postage 18c), Gibson.

    Stories Mother Nature Told ($0.50, postage 6c), Jane Andrew.

    Jungle Books (2 vols, each $1.50; postage 16c), Kipling.

    Just-So Stories ($1.20, postage 12c), Kipling.

Music for Children

    Finger Plays ($1.25, postage 12c), Emilie Poulson.

    Fifty Children’s Songs, Reinecke.

    Songs of the Child World (2 vols., each $1.00; postage 12c),

    Songs for the Children (2 vols., each $1.25; postage 14c),
    Eleanor Smith.

    30 Selected Studies (Instrumental), ($1.50, postage 14c),

Pictures for Children

    Detaille Prints, Boutet de Monvil, Joan of Arc.

    Caldecott:  Picture Books (4 vols., each $1.25; postage 12c).

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