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[Sidenote:  In Conclusion]

The mother who undertakes the tremendous task of rightly training her children, will need to exercise herself daily in all the Christian virtues—­and if there are any Pagan ones not included under faith, hope, charity, patience, and humility, to exercise those also.  With these virtues to support her, she will be able to use whatever knowledge she may acquire.  Without them she can do nothing.


The following questions constitute the “written recitation” which the regular members of the A.S.H.E. answer in writing and send in for the correction and comment of the instructor.  They are intended to emphasize and fix in the memory the most important points in the lesson.


Read Carefully.  In answering these questions you are earnestly requested not to answer according to the text-book where opinions are asked for, but to answer according to conviction.  In all cases credit will be given for thought and original observation.  Place your name and full address at the head of the paper; use your own words so that your instructor may be sure that you understand the subject.

1.  How can you bring the influence of art to bear upon your child?

2.  What is the influence of music?  How can you employ it?

3.  Do you believe in fairy tales for children?  State your reasons.

4.  How would you encourage the love of nature in your child?

5.  What is it that the Kindergarten can do better than the home?

6.  Suppose that your child had some undesirable acquaintances, how would you meet the situation?

7.  What can you say of accomplishments for children?

8.  If manual training, physical culture, domestic science, etc., are not taught in your schools and you wish your children to get some of the advantages of these studies, how will you set about it?

9.  What do you understand to be the correlation of studies?

10.  Should parents become acquainted with the teachers of their children and their methods?  Why?

11.  How may children be taught the use of money?

12.  State the advantages and disadvantages of Sunday schools.  What have they meant in your own experience?

13.  How will you train your child religiously?  Can anyone take this task from you?

14.  What rules must be borne in mind in teaching the Bible at home?

15.  Give some experience of your own (or of a friend) in the training of a child wherein a success has been achieved.

16.  Are there any questions you would like to ask or subjects which you wish to discuss in connection with the lessons on the Study of Child Life?

Note.—­After completing the test sign it with your full name.

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