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1.  DIFFERENT COLORS.—­Coarseness and fineness of texture in nature indicate coarse and fine-grained feelings and characters, and since black signifies power, and red ardor, therefore coarse black hair and skin signify great power of character of some kind, along with considerable tendency to the sensual; yet fine black hair and skin indicate strength of character, along with purity and goodness.

2.  COARSE HAIR.—­Coarse black hair and skin, and coarse red hair and whiskers, indicate powerful animal passions, together with corresponding strength of character; while fine or light, or auburn hair indicates quick susceptibilities, together with refinement and good taste.

3.  FINE HAIR.—­Fine dark or brown hair indicates the combination of exquisite susceptibilities with great strength of character, while auburn hair, with a florid countenance, indicates the highest order of sentiment and intensity of feeling, along with corresponding purity of character, combined with the highest capacities for enjoyment and suffering.

4.  CURLY HAIR.—­Curly hair or beard indicates a crisp, excitable, and variable disposition, and much diversity of character—­now blowing hot, now cold—­along with intense love and hate, gushing, glowing emotions, brilliancy, and variety of talent.  So look out for ringlets; they betoken April weather—­treat them gently, lovingly, and you will have the brightest, clearest sunshine, and the sweetest balmiest breezes.

5.  STRAIGHT HAIR.—­Straight, even, smooth, and glossy hair indicate strength, harmony, and evenness of character, and hearty, whole-souled affections, as well as a clear head and superior talents; while straight, stiff, black hair and beard indicate a coarse, strong, rigid, straight-forward character.

6.  ABUNDANCE OF HAIR.—­Abundance of hair and beard signifies virility and a great amount of character; while a thin beard signifies sterility and a thinly settled upper story, with rooms to let, so that the beard is very significant of character.

7.  FIERY RED HAIR indicates a quick and fiery disposition.  Persons with such hair generally have intense feelings—­love and hate intensely—­yet treat them kindly, and you have the warmest friends, but ruffle them, and you raise a hurricane on short notice.  This is doubly true of auburn curls.  It takes but little kindness, however, to produce a calm and render them as fair as a Summer morning.  Red-headed people in general are not given to hold a grudge.  They are generally of a very forgiving disposition.


1.  A man that naturally wears his hat upon the top or back of the head is frank and outspoken; will easily confide and have many confidential friends, and is less liable to keep a secret.  He will never do you any harm.

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