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3.  SUPPRESSED LAUGHTER.—­Those who, suppressing laughter for a while, burst forth volcano-like, have strong characteristics, but are well-governed, yet violent when they give way to their feelings.  Then there is the intellectual laugh, the love laugh, the horse laugh, the philoprogenitive laugh, the friendly laugh, and many other kinds of laugh, each indicative of corresponding mental developments.


THEIR EXPRESSION OF CHARACTER.—­Thus, those who give a tame and loose hand, and shake lightly, have a cold, if not heartless and selfish disposition, rarely sacrificing much for others, are probably conservatives, and lack warmth and soul.  But those who grasp firmly, and shake heartily, have a corresponding whole-souledness of character, are hospitable, and will sacrifice business to friends; while those who bow low when they shake hands, add deference to friendship, and are easily led, for good or bad, by friends.



1.  DIFFERENT FORMS OF MOUTHS.—­Every mouth differs from every other, and indicates a coincident character.  Large mouths express a corresponding quantity of mentality, while small ones indicate a lesser amount.  A coarsely-formed mouth indicates power, while one finely-formed indicates exquisite susceptibilities.  Hence small, delicately formed mouths indicate only common minds, with very fine feelings and much perfection of character.

2.  CHARACTERISTICS.—­Whenever the muscles about the mouth are distinct, the character is correspondingly positive, and the reverse.  Those who open their mouths wide and frequently, thereby evince an open soul, while closed mouths, unless to hide deformed teeth, are proportionately secretive.

3.  EYES.—­Those who keep their eyes half shut are peek-a-boos and eaves-droppers.

4.  EXPRESSIONS OF THE EYE.—­The mere expression of the eye conveys precise ideas of the existing and predominant states of the mentality and physiology.  As long as the constitution remains unimpaired, the eye is clear and bright, but becomes languid and soulless in proportion as the brain has been enfeebled.  Wild, erratic persons have a half-crazed expression of eye, while calmness, benignancy, intelligence, purity, sweetness, love, lasciviousness, anger, and all the other mental affections, express themselves quite as distinctly by the eye as voice, or any other mode.

6.  COLOR OF THE EYES.—­Some inherit fineness from one parent, and coarseness from the other, while the color of the eye generally corresponds with that of the skin, and expresses character.  Light eyes indicate warmth of feeling, and dark eyes power.

6.  GARMENTS.—­Those, who keep their coats buttoned up, fancy high-necked and closed dresses, etc., are equally non-communicative, but those who like open, free, flowing garments, are equally open-hearted and communicative.

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