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14.  HELP PROFFERED.—­Realizing the sad fact that many are afflicted with this disease we would put forth our utmost powers to help even these, and hence give on the following pages some of the best methods of cure.



SYMPTOMS.—­As the disease first commences to manifest itself, the patient notices a slight itching at the point of the male organ, which is shortly followed by a tingling or smarting sensation, especially on making water.  This is on account of the inflammation, which now gradually extends backward, until the whole canal is involved.  The orifice of the urethra is now noticed to be swollen and reddened, and on inspection a slight discharge will be found to be present.  And if the penis is pressed between the finger and thumb, matter or pus exudes.  As the inflammatory stage commences, the formation of pus is increased, which changes from a thin to a thick yellow color, accompanied by a severe scalding on making water.  The inflammation increases up to the fifth day, often causing such pain, on urinating, that the patient is tortured severely.  When the disease reaches its height, the erections become somewhat painful, when the discharge may be streaked with blood.


First, see that the bowels are loose—­if not, a cathartic should be given.  If the digestive powers are impaired, they should be corrected and the general health looked after.  If the system is in a good condition, give internally five drops of gelseminum every two hours.  The first thing to be thought of is to pluck the disease in its bud, which is best done by injections.  The best of these are:  tinct. hydrastis, one drachm; pure water, four ounces; to be used three times a day after urinating.  Zinc, sulphate, ten grains; pure water, eight ounces; to be used after urinating every morning and night.  Equal parts of red wine and pure water are often used, and are of high repute, as also one grain of permanganate of potash to four ounces of water.

If the above remedies are ineffectual, a competent physician should be consulted.

GENERAL TREATMENT.—­One of the best injections for a speedy cure is: 

  Hydrastis, 1 oz. 
  Water, 5 oz.

Mix and with a small syringe inject into the penis four or five times a day after urinating, until relieved, and diminish the number of injections as the disease disappears.  No medicine per mouth need be given, unless the patient is in poor health.


1.  This is the worst of all diseases except cancer—­no tissue of the body escapes the ravages of this dreadful disease—­bone, muscle, teeth, skin and every part of the body are destroyed by its deforming and corroding influence.

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