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3.  MULLED JELLY.—­Take one tablespoonful of currant or grape jelly; beat it with the white of one egg and a little loaf sugar; pour on it one-half pint of boiling water and break in a slice of dry toast or two crackers.

4.  BREAD JELLY.—­Pour boiling water over bread crumbs place the mixture on the fire and let it boil until it is perfectly smooth.  Take it off, and after pouring off the water, flavor with something agreeable, as a little raspberry or currant jelly water.  Pour into a mold until required for use.

5.  LEMON JELLY.—­Moisten two tablespoonfuls of cornstarch, stir into one pint boiling water; add the juice of two lemons and one-half cup of sugar.  Grate in a little of the rind.  Put in molds to cool.


1.  TO COOK RICE.—­Take two cups of rice and one and one-half pints of milk.  Place in a covered dish and steam in a kettle of boiling water until it is cooked through, pour into cups and let it stand until cold.  Serve with cream.

2.  RICE OMELET.—­Two cups boiled rice, one cup sweet milk, two eggs.  Stir together with egg beater, and put into a hot buttered skillet.  Cook slowly ten minutes, stirring frequently.

3.  BROWNED RICE.—­Parch or brown rice slowly.  Steep in milk for two hours.  The rice or the milk only is excellent in summer complaint.

4.  STEWED OYSTERS.—­Take one pint of milk, one cup of water, a teaspoon of salt; when boiling put in one pint of bulk oysters.  Stir occasionally and remove from the stove before it boils.  An oyster should not be shriveled in cooking.

5.  BROILED OYSTERS.—­Put large oysters on a wire toaster Hold over hot coals until heated through.  Serve on toast moistened with cream.  Very grateful in convalescence.

6.  OYSTER TOAST.—­Pour stewed oysters over graham or bread toasted.  Excellent for breakfast.

7.  GRAHAM CRISPS.—­Mix graham flour and cold water into a very stiff dough.  Knead, roll very thin, and bake quickly in a hot oven.  Excellent food for dyspeptics.

8.  APPLE SNOW.—­Take seven apples, not very sweet ones, and bake till soft and brown.  Then remove the skins and cores; when cool, beat them smooth and fine; add one-half cup of granulated sugar and the white of one egg.  Beat till the mixture will hold on your spoon.  Serve with soft custard.

9.  EGGS ON TOAST.—­Soften brown bread toast with hot water, put on a platter and cover with poached or scrambled eggs.

10.  BOILED EGGS.—­An egg should never be boiled.  Place in boiling water and set back on the stove for from seven to ten minutes.  A little experience will enable anyone to do it successfully.

11.  CRACKED WHEAT PUDDING.—­In a deep two-quart pudding dish put layers of cold, cooked, cracked wheat, and tart apples sliced thin, with four tablespoonfuls of sugar.  Raisins can be added if preferred.  Fill the dish, having the wheat last, add a cup of cold water.  Bake two hours.

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