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  Beans and pod; Boiled; 2.30
  Parsnips; Boiled; 2.30
  Irish potatoes; Roasted; 2.30
  Chicken; Fricassee; 2.45
  Custard; Baked; 2.45
  Salt beef; Boiled; 2.45
  Sour and hard apples; Raw; 2.50
  Fresh oysters; Raw; 2.55
  Fresh eggs; Soft Boiled; 3.00
  Beef, fresh, lean and rare; Roasted; 3.00
  Beef steak; Broiled; 3.00
  Pork, recently salted; Stewed; 3.00
  Fresh mutton; Boiled; 3.00
  Soup, beans; Boiled; 3.00
  Soup, chicken; Boiled; 3.00
  Apple dumpling; Boiled; 3.00
  Fresh oysters; Roasted; 3.15
  Pork steak; Broiled; 3.15
  Fresh mutton; Roasted; 3.15
  Corn bread; Baked; 3.15
  Carrots; Boiled; 3.15
  Fresh sausage; Broiled; 3.20
  Fresh flounder; Fried; 3.30
  Fresh catfish; Fried; 3.30
  Fresh oysters; Stewed; 3.30
  Butter; Melted; 3.30
  Old, strong cheese; Raw; 3.30
  Mutton soup; Boiled; 3.30
  Oyster soup; Boiled; 3.30
  Fresh wheat bread; Baked; 3.30
  Flat turnips; Boiled; 3.30
  Irish potatoes; Boiled; 3.30
  Fresh eggs; Hard boiled; 3.30
  Fresh eggs; Fried; 3.30
  Green corn and beans; Boiled; 3.45
  Beets, Boiled; 3.45
  Fresh, lean beef; Fried; 4.00
  Fresh veal; Broiled; 4.00
  Domestic fowls; Roasted; 4.00
  Ducks, Roasted; 4.00
  Beef soup, vegetables and bread Boiled; 4.00
  Pork, recently salted; Boiled; 4.30
  Fresh veal; Fried; 4.30
  Cabbage, with vinegar; Boiled; 4.30
  Pork, fat and lean; Roasted; 5.30

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Useful Dietetic Recipes.


1.  OATMEAL GRUEL.—­Stir two tablespoonfuls of coarse oatmeal into a quart of boiling water, and let it simmer two hours.  Strain, if preferred.

2.  BEEF TEA AND OATMEAL.—­Beat two tablespoonfuls of fine oatmeal, with two tablespoonfuls of cold water until very smooth, then add a pint of hot beef tea.  Boil together six or eight minutes, stirring constantly.  Strain through a fine sieve.

3.  MILK GRUEL.—­Into a pint of scalding milk stir two tablespoonfuls of fine oatmeal.  Add a pint of boiling water, and boil until the meal is thoroughly cooked.

4.  MILK PORRIDGE.—­Place over the fire equal parts of milk and water.  Just before it boils, add a small quantity (a tablespoonful to a pint of water) of graham flour or cornmeal, previously mixed with water, and boil three minutes.

5.  SAGO GRUEL.—­Take two tablespoonfuls of sago and place them in a small saucepan, moisten gradually with a little cold water.  Set the preparation on a slow fire, and keep stirring till it becomes rather stiff and clear.  Add a little grated nutmeg and sugar to taste; if preferred, half a pat of butter may also be added with the sugar.

6.  CREAM GRUEL.—­Put a pint and a half of water on the stove in a saucepan.  Take one tablespoon of flour and the same of cornmeal, mix this with cold water, and as soon as the water in the saucepan boils, stir it in slowly.  Let it boil slowly about twenty minutes, stirring constantly then add a little salt and a gill of sweet cream.  Do not let it boil after putting in the cream, but turn into a bowl and cover tightly.  Serve in a pretty cup and saucer.

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