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happen, though it illustrates my intention) the claims of two were absolutely equal, and could not be settled by further trial, preference is to fall in favour of the more unrecommended and unfriended under penalties graver than I, or any highest mortal, can pretend to impose, but which I can never doubt—­as the law of eternal justice, inexorably valid, whether noticed or unnoticed, pervades all corners of space and of time—­are very sure to be punctually exacted if incurred.  This is to be the perpetual rule for the Senatus in deciding.”

After stating some other conditions, the document thus concludes: 

“And so may a little trace of help to the young heroic soul struggling for what is highest spring from this poor arrangement and bequest.  May it run for ever, if it can, as a thread of pure water from the Scottish rocks, trickling into its little basin by the thirsty wayside for those to whom it veritably belongs.  Amen.  Such is my bequest to Edinburgh University.  In witness whereof these presents, written upon this and the two preceding pages by James Steven Burns, clerk to John Cook, writer to the signet, are subscribed by me at Chelsea, the 20th day of June, 1867, before these witnesses:  John Forster, barrister-at-law, man of letters, etc., residing at Palace-gate House, Kensington, London; and James Anthony Froude, man of letters, residing at No. 5, Onslow Gardens, Brompton, London.

  “(Signed) T. CARLYLE.

  “J.A.  FROUDE, } Witnesses.



  Abelard, 134. 
  Aitken, Mary, 117. 
  Allingham, Mrs., her sketch of Carlyle, 121. 
  Annan, Academy, 9. 
  Anspach’s History of Newfoundland, 13. 
  Arnold, Thomas, visits the field of Naseby with Carlyle, 63, 64.

  Baillie, Joanna, her Metrical Legends, 13. 
  Bentley, Richard, the last of English scholars, 162. 
  Black, Adam, 191. 
  Boehm, Mr., his medallion and statue of Carlyle, 116, 120, 121. 
  Braidwood Testimonial, 85, 86. 
  Brewster, Sir David, his Edinburgh Encyclopaedia, 10, 11;
    writes a Preface to Carlyle’s Translation of Legendre, 13;
    presides at Carlyle’s installation as Rector of Edinburgh
      University, 90, 93, 96. 
  Buchanan, George, 47. 
  Buller, Charles, Carlyle becomes tutor to, 15;
    his death, 74;
    Carlyle’s tribute to, 75-80. 
  Burns, Robert, 67.

  Cameron, Mrs., her photograph of Carlyle, 120. 
  Carlyle, Jane Welsh, Goethe’s verses to, 20;
    described by Margaret Fuller, 68, 69;
    death of, 109;
    funeral, 110;
    inscription on her tombstone, 111. 
  Carlyle, Thomas, birth and parentage, 8;
    early studies, 9;
    school-mastering, 9-10;
    first attempts in literature, 10-14;
    Buller tutorship, 15;
    German translations, 15-17;

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