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Some of our leading Officers think that in one respect our relations to the Churches, their pastors, and people are unsatisfactory.  In the United States it is customary for the clergy and leaders of every Church to treat our leaders with the most manifest sympathy and respect.  But there is far too marked a contrast between that treatment and that which we receive in many other countries.  There are, of course, splendid exceptions.  Still few members of any Church are willing to be seen in active association with us.

I daresay this is very largely a question of class or caste, and I am very far from making it a matter of complaint.  We would, in fact, far rather that our people should be regarded as outcasts, than that they should be tempted to tone down the directness of their witness, or that they should come under the influence of those uncertainties and misgivings to which I have already made reference.  Nevertheless, it is certainly no wish of ours that there should remain any distance between us and any true followers of Christ by whatever name they may be called.  And so we keep firmly, even where it may seem difficult or impolitic to do so, to our original attitude of entire friendliness with all those who name the Name of Christ.

I give a few figures bearing upon the present extent of our operations:—­

  Number of Countries and Colonies occupied by
    the Salvation Army 56
  Languages in which the Work is carried on 33
  Corps, Circles, and Societies of Salvationists 8,768
  Number of persons wholly supported by and employed
    in Salvation Army Work 21,390
    Of those, with Rank 16,220
    Without Rank 5,170
  Number of Training Colleges for Officers and
    workers 35
    Providing accommodation for 1,866
    Number of Institutions 954
    Number of Officers and Cadets employed 2,573
    Number of Local Officers, voluntary and unpaid 60,260
      These Periodicals are published in twenty-one languages,
      and have a total circulation per issue of about one million



HAVING received with all my heart the salvation offered to me by the tender mercy of Jehovah, I do here and now publicly acknowledge God to be my Father and King, Jesus Christ to be my Saviour, and the Holy Spirit to be my Guide, Comforter, and Strength; and that I will, by His help, love, serve, worship, and obey this glorious God through time and through eternity,

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