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We announced, after the last Annual Meetings of the Shakspeare Society, that it had been determined to publish a complete set of the Plays of one of Shakspeare’s most prolific and interesting contemporaries, Thomas Heywood; and that the first volume of such collection, containing Six Plays, was then ready.  A further contribution towards this collection, containing The Royal King and Loyal Subject, which has not been reprinted since the old edition of 1637, and his very popular drama, A Woman killed with Kindness, has just been issued, with an Introduction and Notes by J. Payne Collier, Esq., the zealous and indefatigable Director of the Society, and will, we are sure, be welcomed by every lover of our early drama.  The Shakspeare Society will, indeed, do good service to the cause of our early literature if it prove the means of securing us, a uniform series of the works of such of our Elizabethan dramatists as do not stand sufficiently high in the opinion of the uninitiated, to tempt the publishing world to put forth their productions in a collected form.

We have received the following Catalogues:—­John Petheram’s (94.  High Holborn) Catalogue, Part CXV. (No. 9. for 1850), of Old and New Books; Cole’s (15.  Great Turnstile) List, No.  XXVIII., of Useful Second-hand Books.

* * * * *



Diurnal Readings, 1 vol. 8vo.

Scottish Poems collected by Pinkerton, 2 vols. sm. 8vo., 1792.


Bell’s Shakspeare’s Plays and Poems.  Vol.  I.

Ivimey’s History of the Baptists.  Vol.  II.

Edwards’ Gangraena.  Parts II. and III.

Asiatic Annual Register.  Vol.  VII. for 1805.

Letters, stating particulars and lowest price, carriage free, to be sent to Mr. Bell, Publisher of “NOTES AND QUERIES”, 186.  Fleet Street.

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Notices to Correspondents.

Nocab is informed that the Prelate to whom he refers was created a D.D. by the late Archbishop of Canterbury.  It certainly is not necessary that the recipient of such a degree should have previously taken that of M.A. or B.A.

H.I.G., Northampton.  The Editor would be happy to insert the Question of this Correspondent, relating to the Epistles of St. Paul, but he apprehends that the discussion to which it would give rise would, in order to its being of any use, require more space than could be afforded, and involve a good deal of criticism and argument not suited to these columns.

A.B. (Bradpole) will find a notice of the line “Incidis in Scyllam”, &c., which is taken from Gualter de Lisle’s Alexandriad, in Notes and Queries, Vol. ii., p. 86.

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