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And so, we see that All, high and low—­good and bad—­simple or complex—­all are contained Within the Mind of the One.  Gods, angels, adepts, sages, heavens, planes,—­all, everything—­is within the Universe, and the Universe is Within the Mind of the One.  And all is proceeding in accordance with Law.  And all is moving upward and onward, along the lines of Evolution.  All is Well.  We are held firmly in The Mind of the One.

And, just as the tendency was from the general Principle toward the particular Individual Soul, so is there a Reconciliation later on, for the Individual soul, as it develops and unfolds, loses its sense of Separateness, and begins to feel its identity with the One Spirit, and moves along the lines of unfoldment, until it becomes in Conscious Union with God.  Spiritual Evolution does not mean the “growth of the Spirit,” for the Spirit cannot grow—­it is already Perfect.  The term means the unfoldment of the Individual Mind, until it can recognize the Spirit Within.  Let us close this lesson with the


There is but ONE.  That ONE is Spirit.  In the Infinite Mind of that ONE SPIRIT there arose the Mental Image or Thought-Form of this Universe.  Beginning with the Thought of the Principle in Mind; and passing on to the Principle of Energy; and then on to the Principle of Matter; proceeded the Involutionary Process of Creation.  Then, upward began the Evolutionary Process, and Individual Centers or Units were formed.  And the tendency, and evolutionary urge is ever in the direction of “unfolding” within the Ego of the Realization of the Indwelling Spirit.  As we throw off sheath after sheath, we approach nearer and nearer to the SPIRIT within us, which is the One Spirit pervading all things.  This is the Meaning of Life—­the Secret of Evolution.  All the Universe is contained Within the Mind of The One.  There is Nothing outside of that Infinite Mind.  There is no Outside, for the One is All in All; Space, Time, and Laws, being but Mental Images in that Mind, as are likewise all shapes and forms, and phenomena.  And as the Ego unfolds into a realization of Itself—­Its Real Self—­so does its Wisdom and Power expand.  It thus enters into a greater and greater degree of its Inheritance.  Within the Mind of the One, is All there is.  And I, and Thou, and All Things are HERE within that Infinite Mind.  We are always “held in Mind” by The Absolute—­are always safe here.  There is nothing to harm us, in Reality, for our Real Self is the Real Self of the Infinite Mind.  All is Within the Mind of the One.  Even the tiniest atom is under the Law, and protected by the Law.  And the LAW is All there Is.  And in that Law we may rest Content and Unafraid.  May this Realization be YOURS.




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