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This new feature was “The Tendency toward Individualization.”  During the downward trend the movement was en masse, that is, by Principle as Principle, without any “splitting up” into portions, or centers.  But with the first upward movement there was evidenced a tendency toward creating Centers of Energy, or Units of activity, which then manifested itself, as the evolutionary movement continued, from electrons to atoms; from atoms to man.  The gross matter was used as material for the formation of finer and more complex forms; and these in turn combined, and formed higher, and so on, and on.  And the forms of Energy operated in the same way.  And the manifestations of centers of Mind or consciousness in the same way.  But all in connection.  Matter, Energy and Mind formed a Trinity of Principles, and worked in connection.  And the work was always in the direction of causing higher and higher “forms” to arise—­higher and higher Units—­higher and higher Centers.  But in every form, center or unit, there was manifested the Three Principles, Mind, Energy, and Matter.  And within each was the ever present Spirit.  For Spirit must be in All—­just as All must be in Spirit.

And, so this Evolutionary process has continued ever since, and must continue for aeons yet.  The Absolute is raising itself up into Itself higher and higher Egos, and is providing them with higher and higher sheaths in which to manifest.  And, as we shall see in these lessons, as we progress, this evolution is not only along the physical lines, but also along the mental.  And it concerns itself not only with “bodies,” but with “souls,” which also evolve, from time to time, and bodies are given these souls in order that they may work out their evolution.  And the whole end and aim of it all seems to be that Egos may reach the stage where they are conscious of the Real Self—­of the Spirit within them, and its relation to the Spirit of the Absolute, and then go on and on and on, to planes of life and being, and activities of which even the most advanced of the race may only dream.

As some of the Ancient Yogi Teachers have said:  “Men are evolving into super-men; and super-men into gods; and gods into super-gods; and super-gods into Something still higher; until from the lowest bit of matter enclosing life, unto the highest being—­yea, even unto The Absolute—­there is an Infinite Ladder of Being—­and yet the One Spirit pervades all; is in all, as the all is in It.”

The Creative Will, of which we have spoken in these lessons, is in full operation all through Life.  The Natural Laws are laws of Life imposed by The Absolute in his Mental Image.  They are the Natural Laws of this Universe, just as other Universes have other Laws.  But The Absolute Itself has no Laws affecting It—­It, in Itself is LAW.

And these Laws of Life, and Nature, along its varying planes, Material, of Energy; and Mental; are also, in the Divine Mind, else they would not be at all, even in appearance.  And when they are transcended, or apparently defied by some man of advanced development, it is only because such a man is able to rise above the plane upon which such laws are operative.  But even this transcending is, in itself, in accordance with some higher law.

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