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To many, the thought that the Universe and all that is therein contained, are simply “Thought Forms” in the Infinite Mind—­Mental Creations of the Absolute, may seem startling, and a sense of unreality may pervade one.  This is inevitable, but the reaction will come.  To some who have grasped this mighty truth there has come a feeling that “All is Nothing,” which idea is embodied in their teachings and writings.  But this is merely the Negative Phase of the Truth—­there is a Positive Phase which comes as one advances.

The Negative Phase shows us that all that we have considered as real and permanent—­the foundations of the Universe itself—­is but a mental image in the mind of the Absolute, and therefore lacks the fundamental reality that we had previously associated with it.  And realizing this, we are at first apt to feel that, indeed “all is nothing,” and to fall into a state of apathy, and lack of desire to play our part in the world.  But, then, happily the reaction sets in, sooner or later, and we begin to see the Positive Phase of the Truth.  This Positive Phase shows us that while all the forms, shapes, and phenomena of the Universe are but parts of a great show-world, still the essence of all must be Reality, itself, else there would not be even the “appearance” of a Universe.  Before a thing can be a Mental Image, there must be a Mind to hold that Mental Image, and a BEING to possess that Mind.  And, the very essence of that BEING must pervade and be immanent in every Image in that Mind.  Just as You are really in your Mental Images, as well as they in You, so must the Absolute be in Its Mental Images, or Creations, or Thought Forms, as truly as they are in the Mind of the Absolute.  Do you see this plainly?  Think well over it—­ponder it well—­for in it lies the Truth.

And so, this Positive Phase of the Truth, is far from depressing—­it is the most stimulating conception one can hold, if he but grasps it in its entirety and fulness.  Even if it be true that all these shapes, and forms, and appearances, and phenomena, and personalities, be but illusion as compared to the inner Reality—­what of it?  Are you not then assured that the Spirit within Yourself is the Spirit of the Absolute—­that the Reality within You is the Reality of the Absolute—­that you ARE, because the Absolute IS, and cannot be otherwise?  Does not the Peace, and Calm, and Security, and Bliss that comes to you with this Realization, far more than counterbalance the petty nothings that you have discarded?  We think that there can be but one answer to this, when you have fully Realized the Truth.

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