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But, lest the student may be left in an uncertain state of mind, awaiting the conclusion of the consideration of the subject—­and lest he may think that we intend teaching him that the Universe, and all in it, including himself are “Dreams,” because we have said that All Things are Thought-Forms in the Mind of the Absolute—­lest this misunderstanding may arise, we wish to add a few parting words to what we have said.

We wish to impress upon the mind of the student that though all Things are but Thought-Forms in the Mind of the Absolute Being, and that while it is true that the entire Universe of Universes is simply a Thought-Form held in the Mind of the Absolute—­still this fact does not mean that all Things are “illusions” or “dreams.”  Remember this, now and forever, O Student—­that that which is held in the Absolute Mind as a Thought-Form IS, and is all there IS, outside of the Absolute Itself.  When the Absolute forms a Thought-Form, It forms it out of Its own mental substance—­when the Absolute “holds anything in Its Mind,” It holds it in Itself—­for the Absolute is ALL-MIND.

The Absolute is not a material Being, from which Material Beings are created.  It is a Spiritual Being—­a Being whose Substance is akin to that which we call “Mind,” only raised to Infinity and Absolute Perfection and Power.  And this is the only way it can “create”—­by creating a Thought-Form in Its Mental, or Spiritual Substance.  The faintest “Thought” of the Absolute is more real and durable than anything that man can create—­in fact, man can “create” nothing, for all the hard and real material he uses in his “creations,” such as steel, diamonds, granite, are but some of the minor Forms, “thought” into being by the Absolute.

And also remember this, that the Absolute cannot “think” of anything, without putting Itself in that thing, as its Essence.  Just as a man’s Mental Images are not only in his mind, but his mind is in them, also.

Why, you doubting and timorous ones, does not even the finite “thinking” of Man manifest itself in physical and material changes of form and shape?—­does not a man’s every thought actually “create” physical forms and shapes, in his brain-cells and physical tissue?  You who are reading these words—­yea, while you are reading these words—­are “creating” changes of form and shape in your brain-cells, and physical organism.  Your mind is constantly at work, also, in building up your physical body, along the lines of the Instinctive Mind (see previous series of lessons)—­you are mentally creating in a miniature universe, every moment of your life.  And yet, the idea of the Absolute “creating” a Universe by pure Thought, in Its own Mind, and thereafter causing the work of the Universe to proceed according to Law, by simply “Willing” it so, causes you to wonder, and perhaps to doubt.

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