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When the idea and consciousness of the Unity takes possession of one, he feels a new sense of cheerfulness and optimism entirely different from any other feeling that he has ever experienced.  He loses that distrust and hardness which seems to cling to so many in this age who have arrived at the Intellectual stage of development, and have been unable to progress further.  A new sense of peace and harmony comes to one, and illuminates his entire character and life.  The bitterness engendered by the illusion of separateness is neutralized by the sweetness of the sense of Unity.  When one enters into this consciousness he finds that he has the key to many a riddle of life that has heretofore perplexed him.  Many dark corners are illuminated—­many hard sayings are made clear.  Paradoxes become understandable truths, and the pairs of opposites that dwell in all advanced intellectual conceptions, seem to bend around their ends and form themselves into a circle.

To the one who understands the Unity, all Nature seems akin and friendly.  There is no sense of antagonism or opposition—­everything is seen to fit into its place, and work out its appointed task in the Universal plan.  All Nature is seen to be friendly, when properly understood, and Man regains that sense of harmonious environment and at-home-ness that he lost when he entered the stage of self-consciousness.  The lower animal and the children feel this Unity, in their poor imperfect way, but Man lost this Paradise when he discovered Good and Evil.  But Paradise Lost becomes Paradise Regained when Man enters into this new stage of consciousness.  But unlike the animal or child, which instinctively feels the Unity, the awakened soul of man possesses the Unity consciousness, coupled with intelligent comprehension, and unfolding spiritual power.  He has found that which he lost, together with the accumulated interest of the ages.  This new kingdom of Consciousness is before the race.  All must enter into it in time—­all will enter into it—­many are entering into it now, by gradual stages.  This dawning sense of Unity is that which is causing the spiritual unrest which is now agitating the world, and Which in time will bring the race to a realization of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man, and his kinship to Every Living Thing.  We are entering into this new cycle of human unfoldment, and the greatest changes are before the race.  Ye who read these words are in the foremost ranks of the new dispensation, else you would not be interested in this subject.  You are the leaven which is designed to lighten the heavy mass of the world-mind.  Play well your parts.  You are not alone.  Mighty forces and great Intelligences are behind you in the work.  Be worthy of them.  Peace be with you.

Carry with you the Central Thought of this lesson: 

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