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In this passage from Huxley one may see the actual working of the Creative Will of the Universe,—­moving behind the curtain—­and a very thin curtain at that.  And this wonderful work is going on all around us, all the time.  Miracles are being accomplished every second—­they are so common that we fail to regard them.

And in our bodies is the Will at work?  Most certainly.  What built you up from single cell to maturity?  Did you do it with your intellect?  Has not every bit of it been done without your conscious knowledge?  It is only when things go wrong, owing to the violation of some law, that you become aware of your internal organs.  And, yet, stomach and liver, and heart and the rest have been performing their work steadily—­working away day and night, building up, repairing, nourishing, growing you into a man or woman, and keeping you sound and strong.  Are you doing this with your reason or with your personal will?  No, it is the great Creative Will of the Universe, Universe,—­the expression of the purpose and power of the One, working in and through you.  It is the One Life manifesting in you through its Creative Will.

And not only is this all.  The Creative Will is all around us in every force, energy and principle.  The force that we call mental power is the principle of the Will directed by our individual minds.  In this statement we have a hint of the great mystery of Mental Force and Power, and the so-called Psychic Phenomena.  It also gives us a key to Mental Healing.  This is not the place to go into detail regarding these phases—­but think over it a bit.  This Will Power of the Universe, in all of its forms and phases, from Electricity to Thought-power, is always at the disposal of Man, within limits, and subject always to the laws of the Creative Will of the Universe.  Those who acquire an understanding of the laws of any force may use it.  And any force may be used or misused.

And the nearer in understanding and consciousness that we get to the One Life and Power, the greater will be our possible power, for we are thus getting closer and closer to the source of All Power.  In these lessons we hope to be able to tell you how you may come into closer touch with this One Life of which you and all living things are but forms, shapes and channels of expression, under the operation of the Creative Will.

We trust that this lesson may have brought to your minds the realization of the Oneness of All—­the fact that we are all parts of the one encircling unity, the heart-throbs and pulsations of which are to be felt even to the outer edge of the circle of life—­in Man, in Monad, in Crystal, in Atom.  Try to feel that inner essence of Creative Will that is within yourselves, and endeavor to realize your complete inner unity in it, with all other forms of life.  Try to realize, as some recent writer has expressed it, “that all the living world is but mankind in the making, and that we are but part of the All.”  And also remember that splendid vistas of future unfoldment spread themselves out before the gaze of the awakened soul, until the mind fails to grasp the wondrous sight.

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