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There is no such thing as non-vital attraction or repulsion.  All inclinations for or against another object, or thing, is an evidence of Life.  Each thing has sufficient life energy to enable it to carry on its work.  And as each form advances by evolution into a higher form, it is able to have more of the Life energy manifest through it.  As its material machinery is built up, it becomes able to manifest a greater and higher degree of Life.  It is not that one thing has a low life, or another a high life—­this cannot be, for there is but One Life.  It is like the current of electricity that is able to run the most delicate machinery or manifest a light in the incandescent lamp.  Give it the organ or machinery of manifestation, and it manifests—­give it a low form, and it will manifest a low degree—­give it a high form, and it will manifest a high degree.  The same steam power runs the clumsy engine, or the perfect apparatus which drives the most delicate mechanism.  And so it is with the One Life—­its manifestations may seem low and clumsy, or high and perfect—­but it all depends upon the material or mental machinery through which it works.  There is but One Life, manifesting in countless forms and shapes, and degrees.  One Life underlying All—­in All.

From the highest forms of Life down through the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms, we see Life everywhere present—­Death an illusion.  Back of all visible forms of material life there is still the beginnings of manifested life pressing forward for expression and manifestation.  And underneath all is the Spirit of Life—­longing, striving, feeling, acting.

In the mountain and the ocean—­the flower and the tree—­the sunset—­the dawn—­the suns—­the stars—­all is Life—­manifestations of the One Life.  Everything is Alive, quick with living force, power, action; thrilling with vitality; throbbing with feeling; filled with activity.  All is from the One Life—­and all that is from the One Life is Alive.  There is no dead substance in the Universe—­there can be none—­for Life cannot Die.  All is Alive.  And Life is in All.

Carry with you this Central Thought of the Lesson: 

CENTRAL THOUGHT:  There is but One Life, and its manifestations comprise all the forms and shapes of the Universe.  From Life comes but Life—­and Life can come only from Life.  Therefore we have the right to expect that all manifestations of the One Life should be Alive.  And we are not mocked in such belief.  Not only do the highest Occult Teachings inform us that Everything is Alive, but Modern Science has proven to us that Life is present everywhere—­even in that which was formerly considered dead matter.  It now sees that even the atom, and what lies back of the atom, is charged with Life Energy and Action.  Forms and shapes may change, and do change—­but Life remains eternal and infinite.  It cannot Die—­for it is LIFE.

Peace be with thee.


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