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and another mind in a second way, and so on.  And, accordingly, they wrap their teachings in covers likely to attract the attention of various people, and to cause them to investigate the contents.  But, under and back of all of these various teachings, is the great fundamental TRUTH.  It has often been asked of us how one might distinguish the real Brotherhoods from the spurious ones which have assumed the name and general style of the true societies, for the purpose of exploiting the public, and making money from their interest in the great occult truths.  Answering this, we would say that the true Occult Brotherhoods and Societies never sell their knowledge.  It is given free as water to those who seek for it, and is never sold for money.  The true adept would as soon think of selling his soul as selling Spiritual Knowledge for gain.  While money plays its proper place in the world, and the laborer is worthy of his hire; and while the Masters recognize the propriety of the sale of books on Occultism (providing the price is reasonable and not in excess of the general market price of books) and while they also recognize the propriety of having people pay their part of the expenses of maintaining organizations, magazines, lecturers, instructors, etc., still the idea stops there—­it does not extend to the selling of the Inner Secrets of Occultism for silver or gold.  Therefore if you are solicited to become a member of any so-called Brotherhood or Occult Society for a consideration of money, you will know at once that the organization is not a true Occult Society, for it has violated one of the cardinal principles at the start.  Remember the old occult maxim:  “When the Pupil is ready, the Master appears”—­and so it is with the Brotherhoods and Societies—­if it is necessary for your growth, development, and attainment, to be connected with one of these organizations then, when the time comes—­when you are ready—­you will receive your call, and then will know for a certainty that those who call are the true messengers of Truth.

QUESTION II:  “Are there any exalted human beings called Masters, or Adepts, or are the tales regarding them mere fables, etc?

ANSWER:  Of a truth there are certain highly developed, advanced and exalted souls in the flesh, known as Masters and Adepts, although many of the tales told concerning them are myths, or pure fiction originating in the minds of some modern sensational writers.  And, moreover, these souls are members of the Great Lodge, an organization composed of these almost super-human beings—­these great souls that have advanced so very far on THE PATH.  Before beginning to speak of them, let us answer a question often asked by Western people, and that is, “Why do not these people appear to the world, and show their powers?” Each of you may answer that question from your own experiences.  Have you ever been foolish enough to open your soul to the crowd, and have it reveal

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