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“But beyond your plane, and beyond mine, are plane after plane, connected with our earth, the splendors of which man cannot conceive.  And there are likewise many planes around the other planets of our chain—­and there are millions of other worlds—­and there are chains of universes just as there are chains of planets—­and then greater groups of these chains—­and so on greater and grander beyond the power of man to imagine—­on and on and on and on—­higher and higher—­to inconceivable heights.  An infinity of infinities of worlds are before us.  Our world and our planetary system and our system of suns, and our system of solar systems, are but as grains of sand on the beach of the mighty ocean.  But then you cry, ’But what am I—­poor mortal thing—­lost among all this inconceivable greatness?’ The answer comes that You are that most precious thing—­a living soul.  And if you were destroyed the whole system of universes would crumble, for you are as necessary as the greatest part of it—­it cannot do without you—­you cannot be lost or destroyed—­you are a part of it all, and are eternal.  ‘But,’ you ask, ’beyond all of this of which you have told me, what is there—­what is the Centre of it All?’ Your Teacher’s face takes on a rapt expression—­a light not of earth beams forth from his countenance. ‘THE ABSOLUTE!’ he replies.



“Karma” is a Sanscrit term for that great Law known to Western thinkers as Spiritual Cause and Effect, or Causation.  It relates to the complicated affinities for either good or evil that have been acquired by the soul throughout its many incarnations.  These affinities manifest as characteristics enduring from one incarnation to another, being added to here, softened or altered there, but always pressing forward for expression and manifestation.  And, so, it follows that what each one of us is in this life depends upon is what we have been and how we have acted in our past lives.

Throughout the operations of the Law of Karma the manifestation of Perfect Justice is apparent.  We are not punished for our sins, as the current beliefs have it, but instead we are punished by our sins.  We are not rewarded for our good acts, but we received our reward through and by characteristics, qualities, affinities, etc., acquired by reason of our having performed these good acts in previous lives.  We are our own judges and executioners.  In our present lives we are storing up good or bad Karma which will stick to us closely, and which will demand expression and manifestation in lives to come.  When we fasten around ourselves the evil of bad Karma, we have taken to shelter a monster which will gnaw into our very vitals until we shake him off by developing opposite qualities.  And when we draw to ourselves the good Karma of Duty well performed, kindness well expressed, and Good Deeds freely performed without hope of reward, then do we weave for ourselves the beautiful garments which we are destined to wear upon the occasion of our future lives.

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