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The Absolute is not a far-away Being directing our affairs at long range—­not an absentee Deity—­but an Immanent Life in and about us all—­manifesting in us and creating us into individual centers of consciousness, in pursuance with some great law of being.

And, more than this, the Absolute instead of being an indifferent and unmoved spectator to its own creation, is a thriving, longing, active, suffering, rejoicing, feeling Spirit, partaking of the feelings of its manifestations, rather than callously witnessing them.  It lives in us—­with us—­through us.  Back of all the pain in the world may be found a great feeling and suffering love.  The pain of the world is not punishment or evidence of divine wrath, but the incidents of the working out of some cosmic plan, in which the Absolute is the Actor, through the forms of Its manifestations.

The message of the Absolute to some of the Illumined has been, “All is being done in the best and only possible way—­I am doing the best I can—­all is well—­and in the end will so appear.”

The Absolute is no personal Deity—­yet in itself it contains all that goes to make up all personality and all human relations.  Father, Mother, Child, Friend, is in It.  All forms of human love and craving for sympathy, understanding and companionship may find refuge in loving the Absolute.

The Absolute is constantly in evidence in our lives, and yet we have been seeking it here and there in the outer world, asking it to show itself and prove Its existence.  Well may it say to us:  “Hast thou been so long time with me, and hast thou not known me?” This is the great tragedy of Life, that the Spirit comes to us—­Its own—­and we know It not.  We fail to hear Its words:  “Oh, ye who mourn, I suffer with you and through you.  Yea, it is I who grieve in you.  Your pain is mine—­to the last pang.  I suffer all pain through you—­and yet I rejoice beyond you, for I know that through you, and with you, I shall conquer.”

And this is a faint idea of what we believe the Absolute to be.  In the following lessons we shall see it in operation in all forms of life, and in ourselves.  We shall get close to the workings of Its mighty Will—­close to Its Heart of Love.

Carry with you the Central Thought of the Lesson:  CENTRAL THOUGHT.  There is but One Life in the Universe.  And underlying that One Life—­Its Real Self—­Its Essence—­Its Spirit—­is The Absolute, living, feeling, suffering, rejoicing, longing, striving, in and through us.  The Absolute is all that really Is, and all the visible Universe and forms of Life is Its expression, through Its Will.  We lack words adequate to describe the nature of the Absolute, but we will use two words describing its inmost nature as best we see it.  These two words are LIFE and LOVE, the one describing the outer, the other the inner nature.  Let us manifest both Life and Love as a token of our origin and inner nature.  Peace be with you.

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