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compulsorily, without choice—­compelled to live in body after body until great cycles are past.  The soul, perhaps already sick of earth-life, and longing to pass on to higher planes of existence, fights against such teaching.  And it does well to so fight, for the truth is nearer to its hearts desire.  There is no soul longing that does not carry with it the prophecy of its own fulfillment, and so it is in this case.  It is true that the soul of one filled with earthly desires, and craving for material things, will by the very force of those desires be drawn back to earthly re-birth in a body best suited for the gratification of the longings, desires and cravings that it finds within itself.  But it is likewise true that the earth-sick soul is not compiled to return unless its own desires bring it back.  Desire is the key note of Metempsychosis, although up to a certain stage it may operate unconsciously.  The sum of the desires of a soul regulate its re-birth.  Those who have become sickened of all that earth has for them at this stage of its evolution, may, and do, rest in states of existence far removed from earth scenes, until the race progresses far enough to afford the resting soul the opportunities and environments that it so earnestly craves.

And more than this, when Man reaches a certain stage, the process of Metempsychosis no longer remains unconscious, but he enters into a conscious knowing, willing passage from one life to another.  And when that stage is reached a full memory of the past lives is unfolded, and life to such a soul becomes as the life of a day, succeeded by a night, and then the awakening into another day with full knowledge and recollection of the events of the day before.  We are in merely the babyhood of the race now, and the fuller life of the conscious soul lies before us.  Yea, even now it is being entered into by the few of the race that have progressed sufficiently far on the Path.  And you, student, who feel within you that craving for conscious re-birth and future spiritual evolution, and the distaste for, and horror of, a further blind, unconscious re-plunge into the earth-life—­know you, that this longing on your part is but an indication of what lies before you.  It is the strange, subtle, awakening of the nature within you, which betokens the higher state.  Just as the young person feels within his or her body strange emotions, longings and stirrings, which betoken the passage from the child state into that of manhood or womanhood, so do these spiritual longings, desires and cravings betoken the passage from unconscious re-birth into conscious knowing Metempsychosis, when you have passed from the scene of your present labors.

In our next lesson we shall consider the history of the race as its souls passed on from the savage tribes to the man of to-day.  It is the history of the race—­the history of the individual—­your own history, student—­the record of that through which you have passed to become that which you now are.  And as you have climbed step after step up the arduous path, so will you, hereafter climb still higher paths, but no longer in unconsciousness, but with your spiritual eyes wide open to the Rays of Truth pouring forth from the great Central Sun—­the Absolute.

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