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We have seen that preceding Spiritual Evolution, there was a Spiritual Involution.  The Yogi Philosophy holds that in the Beginning, the Absolute meditated upon the subject of Creation, and formed a Mental Image, or Thought-Form, of an Universal Mind—­that is, of an Universal Principle of Mind.  This Universal Principle of Mind is the Great Ocean of “Mind-Stuff” from which all the phenomenal Universe is evolved.  From this Universal Principle of Mind, proceeded the Universal Principle of Force or Energy.  And from the latter, proceeded the Universal Principle of Matter.

The Universal Principle of Mind was bound by Laws imposed upon it by the mental-conception of the Absolute—­the Cosmic Laws of Nature.  And these laws were the compelling causes of the Great Involution.  For before Evolution was possible, Involution was necessary.  We have explained that the word “involve” means “to wrap up; to cover; to hide, etc.”  Before a thing can be “evolved,” that is “unfolded,” it must first be “involved,” that is “wrapped up.”  A thing must be put in, before it may be taken out.

Following the laws of Involution imposed upon it, the Universal Mental Principle involved itself in the Universal Energy Principle; and then in obedience to the same laws, the latter involved itself in the Universal Material Principle.  Each stage of Involution, or wrapping-up, created for itself (out of the higher principle which in being involved) the wrapper or sheath which is to be used to wrap-up the higher principle.  And the higher forms of the Material Principle formed sheaths of lower forms, until forms of Matter were produced far more gross than any known to us now, for they have disappeared in the Evolutionary ascent.  Down, down, down went the process of Involution, until the lowest point was reached.  Then ensued a moment’s pause, preceding the beginning of the Evolutionary Unfoldment.

Then began the Great Evolution.  But, as we have told you, the Upward movement was distinguished by the “Tendency toward Individualization.”  That is, while the Involuntary Process was accomplished by Principles as Principles, the Upward Movement was begun by a tendency toward “splitting up,” and the creation of “individual forms,” and the effort to perfect them and build upon them higher and still higher succeeding forms, until a stage was reached in which the Temple of the Spirit was worthy of being occupied by Man, the self-conscious expression of the Spirit.  For the coming of Man was the first step of a higher form of Evolution—­the Spiritual Evolution.  Up to this time there had been simply an Evolution of Bodies, but now there came the Evolution of Souls.

And this Evolution of Souls becomes possible only by the process of Metempsychosis (pronounced me-temp-si-ko-sis) which is more commonly known as Reincarnation, or Re-embodiment.

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