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Yogi Ramacharaka
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O, ye of little faith, you would deny to the Absolute even the power you possess yourself.  You plan things in your mind every day, and then proceed to cause them to appear in material manifestation, and yet you doubt the ability of the Absolute to do likewise.  Why even the poets, or writers of fiction, create characters in their minds—­and these seem so real, that even you imagine them to be actual entities, and you weep over their pains, and smile at their joys—­and yet all this is on the finite plane.  Why, even the “imaginations” of your petty finite, undeveloped minds, have sufficient power to make your physical bodies sick, or well, or even to cause you to “die,” from some imagined ailment.  And yet you doubt the power of the Absolute, to “think” things into being!  You tiny students in the great Kindergarten of Life—­you must learn better lessons from your little blocks and games.  And you will—­this is the Law.

And you who are filled with the sense of your smallness, and “unreality”—­know you that so long as you are “held in the Mind of God,” then so long are you “remembered” by Him.  And so long as you are remembered by Him, no real harm can befall you, and your Reality is second only to His own.  Even though you pass out of your mortal frame—­doth he remember you in His Mind, and keeping you there, he holds you safe and unharmed.  The greatest satisfaction that can come to one, is to be able to fully realize that he, or she, is held firmly IN THE MIND OF THE INFINITE BEING.  To such comes the knowledge that in THAT LIFE there can be NO DEATH.

Peace be with you in this Realization.  May you make it your own!



In our last lesson we gave you the Inner Teachings of the Yogi Philosophy, relating to the real nature of the Universe, and all that is therein contained.  We trust that you have pondered well and carefully the statements contained in that lesson, for in them is to be found the essence of the highest Yogi teachings.  While we have endeavored to present these high truths to you in the simplest possible form, yet unless your minds have been trained to grasp the thought, you may have trouble in fully assimilating the essence of the teachings.  But, be not discouraged, for your mind will gradually unfold like the flower, and the Sun of Truth will reach into its inmost recesses.  Do not be troubled if your comprehension seems dull, or your progress slow, for all things will come to you in time.  You cannot escape the Truth, nor can the Truth escape you.  And it will not come to you one moment sooner than you are ready to receive it, nor will it be delayed one moment in its coming, when you are ready for it.  Such is the Law, and none can escape it, nor alter it, nor modify it.  All is Well, and All is Under the Law—­nothing ever “happens.”

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