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Yogi Ramacharaka
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We will now close this lesson by calling your attention to its


There is but One Power in the Universe—­One Energy—­One Force.  And that Power, Energy and Force is a manifestation of the One Life.  There can be no other Power, for there is none other than the One from whom Power may come.  And there can be no manifestation of Power that is not the Power of the One, for no other Power can be in existence.  The Power of the One is visible in its manifestations to us in the natural laws and forces of Nature—­which we call the Creative Will.  This Creative Will is the inner moving power, urge and pressure behind all forms and shapes of Life.  In atom, and molecule; in monad, in cell, in plant, in fish, in animal, in man,—­the Life Principle or Creative Will is constantly in action, creating, preserving, and carrying on life in its functions.  We may call this Instinct or Nature, but it is the Creative Will in action.  This Will is back of all Power, Energy, or Force—­be it physical, mechanical or mental force.  And all Force that we use, consciously or unconsciously, comes from the One Great Source of Power.  If we could but see clearly, we would know that back of us is the Power of the Universe, awaiting our intelligent uses, under the control of the Will of the All.  There is nothing to be afraid of, for we are manifestations of the One Life, from which all Power proceeds, and the Real Self is above the effect, for it is part of the Cause.  But over and above—­under and behind—­all forms of Being, Matter, Energy, Force and Power, is the ABSOLUTE—­ever Calm; ever Peaceful; ever Content.  In knowing this it becomes us to manifest that spirit of absolute Trust, Faith and Confidence in the Goodness and Ultimate Justice of That which is the only Reality there is.

Peace be with you.



In our First Lesson of this series we spoke of the One Reality underlying all Life.  This One Reality was stated to be higher than mind or matter, the nearest term that can be applied to it being “Spirit.”  We told you that it was impossible to explain just what “Spirit” is, for we have nothing else with which to compare or describe it, and it can be expressed only in its own terms, and not in the terms applicable to its emanations or manifestations.  But, as we said in our First Lesson, we may think of “Spirit” as meaning the “essence” of Life and Being—­the Reality underlying Universal Life, and from which the latter emanates.

In the Second Lesson we stated that this “Spirit,” which we called “The Absolute,” expressed itself in the Universal Life, which Universal Life manifested itself in countless forms of life and activity.  In the same lesson we showed you that the Universe is alive—­that there is not a single dead thing in it—­that there can be no such thing as a dead object in the Universe, else the theory and truth of the One underlying Life must fall and be rejected.  In that lesson we also showed you that even in the world of inorganic things there was ever manifest life—­in every atom and particle of inorganic matter there is the universal life energy manifesting itself, and in constant activity.

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