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Yogi Ramacharaka
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You will notice that each of these great Cycles has its “Day” period and its “Night” period—­its Period of Activity. and its Period of Inactivity.  From Day to Maya-Praylaya, it is a succession of Nights and Days—­Creative Activity and Creative Cessation.

The “Chain of Worlds,” is that great group of planets in our own solar system, seven in number, over which the Procession of Life passes, in Cycles.  From globe to globe the great wave of soul life passes in Cyclic Rhythm.  After a race has passed a certain number of incarnations upon one planet, it passes on to another, and learns new lessons, and then on and on until finally it has learned all of the lessons possible on this Universe, when it passes on to another Universe, and so on, from higher to higher until the human mind is unable to even think of the grandeur of the destiny awaiting each human soul on THE PATH.  The various works published by the Theosophical organizations go into detail regarding these matters, which require the space of many volumes to adequately express, but we think that we have at last indicated the general nature of the question, pointing out to the student the nature of the subject, and indicating lines for further study and investigation.


And now, dear students, we have reached the end of this series of lessons.  You have followed us closely for the past four years, many of you having been with us as students from the start.  We feel many ties of spiritual relationship binding you to us, and the parting, although but temporary, gives a little pang to us—­a little pull upon our heart strings.  We have tried to give to you a plain, practical and simple exposition of the great truths of this world-old philosophy—­have endeavored to express in plain simple terms the greatest truths known to man on earth to-day, the Yogi Philosophy.  And many have written us that our work has not been in vain, and that we have been the means of opening up new worlds of thought to them, and have aided them in casting off the old material sheaths that had bound them for so long, and the discarding of which enabled them to unfold the beautiful blossom of Spirituality.  Be this as it may, we have been able merely to give you the most elementary instruction in this world-philosophy, and are painfully conscious of the small portion of the field that we have tilled, when compared with the infinite expanse of Truth still untouched.  But such are the limitations of Man—­he can speak only of that which lies immediately before him, leaving for others the rest of the work which is remote from his place of abode.  There are planes upon planes of this Truth which every soul among you will some day make his or her own.  It is yours, and you will be impelled to reach forth and take that which is intended for you.  Be not in too much haste—­be of great patience—­and all will come to you, for it is your own.

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