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it, and then again he loses the sense of contact and relationship.  The Yogis seek to attain this state of Universal Consciousness by meditation and rhythmic breathing, and many have thus attained the highest degree of spiritual attainment possible to man in this stage of his existence.  The student of this work will not need the higher instruction regarding adeptship at this time, as he has much to do and accomplish before he reaches that stage, but it may be well to initiate him into the elementary stages of the Yogi exercises for developing Universal Consciousness, and if he is in earnest he will discover means and methods whereby he may progress.  The way is always opened to him who is ready to tread the path.  The following exercise will be found to do much toward developing the Universal Consciousness in those who faithfully practice it.

Exercise.—­Place your body in a reclining, relaxed position.  Breathe rhythmically, and meditate upon your relationship with the Universal Mind of which you are but an atom.  Think of yourself as being in touch with All, and at-one-ment with All.  See All as One, and your Soul as a part of that One.  Feel that you are receiving the vibrations from the great Universal Mind, and are partaking of its power and strength and wisdom.  The two following lines of meditation may be followed.

(a) With each inhalation, think of yourself as drawing in to yourself the strength and power of the Universal Mind.  When exhaling think of yourself as passing out to others that same power, at the same time being filled with love for every living thing, and desiring that it be a partaker of the same blessings which you are now receiving.  Let the Universal Power circulate through you.

(b) Place your mind in a reverential state, and meditate upon the grandeur of the Universal Mind, and open yourself to the inflow of the Divine Wisdom, which will fill you with illuminating wisdom, and then let the same flow out from you to your brothers and sisters whom you love and would help.

This exercise leaves with those who have practiced it a new-found sense of strength, power and wisdom, and a feeling of spiritual exaltation and bliss.  It must be practiced only in a serious, reverential mood, and must not be approached triflingly or lightly.


The exercises given in this chapter require the proper mental attitude and conditions, and the trifler and person of a non-serious nature, or one without a sense of spirituality and reverence, had better pass them by, as no results will be obtained by such persons, and besides it is a wilful trifling with things of a high order, which course never benefits those who pursue it.  These exercises are for the few who can understand them, and the others will feel no attraction to try them.

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