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     (2) Raise body slowly on toes, inhaling a Complete Breath,
     steadily and slowly.

     (3) Retain the breath for a few seconds, maintaining the
     same position.

     (4) Slowly sink to first position, at the same time slowly
     exhaling the air through the nostrils.

     (5) Practice Cleansing Breath.

     (6) Repeat several times, varying by using right leg alone,
     then left leg alone.

(7) Stimulating circulation.

     (1) Stand erect.

     (2) Inhale a Complete Breath and retain.

     (3) Bend forward slightly and grasp a stick or cane steadily
     and firmly, and gradually exerting your entire strength upon
     the grasp.

     (4) Relax the grasp, return to first position, and slowly

     (5) Repeat several times.

     (6) Finish with the Cleansing Breath.

This exercise may be performed without the use of a stick or cane, by grasping an imaginary cane, using the will to exert the pressure.  The exercise is a favorite Yogi plan of stimulating the circulation by driving the arterial blood to the extremities, and drawing back the venous blood to the heart and lungs that it may take up the oxygen which has been inhaled with the air.  In cases of poor circulation there is not enough blood in the lungs to absorb the increased amount of oxygen inhaled, and the system does not get the full benefit of the improved breathing.

In such cases, particularly, It Is well to practice this exercise, occasionally with the regular Complete Breathing exercise.



This chapter is composed of seven minor Yogi Breathing Exercises, bearing no special names, but each distinct and separate from the others and having a different purpose in view.  Each student will find several of these exercises best adapted to the special requirements of his particular case.  Although we have styled these exercises “minor exercises,” they are quite valuable and useful, or they would not appear in this book.  They give one a condensed course in “Physical Culture” and “Lung Development,” and might readily be “padded out” and elaborated into a small book on these subjects.  They have, of course, an additional value, as Yogi Breathing forms a part of each exercise.  Do not pass them by because they are marked “minor.”  Some one or more of these exercises may be just what you need.  Try them and decide for yourself.

Exercise I.

     (1) Stand erect with hands at sides.

     (2) Inhale Complete Breath.

     (3) Raise the arms slowly, keeping them rigid until the
     hands touch over head.

     (4) Retain the breath a few minutes with hands over head.

     (5) Lower hands slowly to sides, exhaling slowly at same time.

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