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The Yogis have a form of breathing to develop the voice.  They are noted for their wonderful voices, which are strong, smooth and clear, and have a wonderful trumpet-like carrying power.  They have practiced this particular form of breathing exercise which has resulted in rendering their voices soft, beautiful and flexible, imparting to it that indescribable, peculiar floating quality, combined with great power.  The exercise given below will in time impart the above-mentioned qualities, or the Yogi Voice, to the student who practices it faithfully.  It is to be understood, of course, that this form of breath is to be used only as an occasional exercise, and not as a regular form of breathing.

     (1) Inhale a Complete Breath very slowly, but steadily,
     through the nostrils, taking as much time as possible in the

     (2) Retain for a few seconds.

     (3) Expel the air vigorously in one great breath, through
     the wide opened mouth.

     (4) Rest the lungs by the Cleansing Breath.

Without going deeply into the Yogi theories of sound-production in speaking and singing, we wish to say that experience has taught them that the timbre, quality and power of a voice depends not alone upon the vocal organs in the throat, but that the facial muscles, etc., have much to do with the matter.  Some men with large chests produce but a poor tone, while others with comparatively small chests produce tones of amazing strength and quality.  Here is an interesting experiment worth trying:  Stand before a glass and pucker up your mouth and whistle, and note the shape of your mouth and the general expression of your face.  Then sing or speak as you do naturally, and see the difference.  Then start to whistle again for a few seconds, and then, without changing the position of your lips or face, sing a few notes and notice what a vibrant, resonant, clear and beautiful tone is produced.



The following are the seven favorite exercises of the Yogis for developing the lungs, muscles, ligaments, air cells, etc.  They are quite simple but marvelously effective.  Do not let the simplicity of these exercises make you lose interest, for they are the result of careful experiments and practice on the part of the Yogis, and are the essence of numerous intricate and complicated exercises, the non-essential portions being eliminated and the essential features retained.

(1) The retained breath.

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