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On the 14th, a.m. saw another seal.  At noon, latitude 45 deg. 54’, longitude 179 deg. 29’ E.

On the 15th, a.m. the wind veered to the westward; the fog cleared away, but the weather continued cloudy.  At noon, latitude 47 deg. 30’, longitude 178 deg. 19’ W.; for, having passed the meridian of 180 deg.  E., I now reckon my longitude west of the first meridian, viz.  Greenwich.  In the evening heard penguins, and the next morning saw some sea or rock weed.  At noon a fresh gale from the west and fine weather.  Latitude observed 49 deg. 33’, longitude 175 deg. 31’ W.

Next morning fresh gales and hazy weather; saw a seal and several pieces of weed.  At noon, latitude 51 deg. 12’, longitude 173 deg. 17’ W. The wind veered to the N. and N.E. by N., blew a strong gale by squalls, which split an old topgallant sail, and obliged us to double-reef the top-sails; but in the evening the wind moderated, and veered to W.N.W., when we loosed a reef out of each top-sail; and found the variation of the compass to be 9 deg. 52’ E., being then in the latitude 51 deg. 47’, longitude 172 deg. 21’ W., and the next morning, the 18th, in the latitude of 52 deg. 25’, longitude 170 deg. 45’ W., it was 10 deg. 26’ E. Towards noon, had moderate but cloudy weather, and a great swell from the west:  Some penguins and pieces of sea-weed seen.

On the 19th, steered E.S.E, with a very fresh gale at north, hazy dirty weather.  At noon, latitude 53 deg. 43’, longitude 166 deg. 15’ W.

On the 20th, steered E. by S., with a moderate breeze at north, attended with thick hazy weather.  At noon, latitude 54 deg. 8’, longitude 162 deg. 18’ W.

On the 21st, winds mostly from the N.E., a fresh gale attended with thick, hazy, dirty weather.  Course S.E. by S.; latitude, at noon, 55 deg. 31’, longitude 160 deg. 29’; abundance of blue peterels and some penguins seen.

Fresh gales at N.W. by N. and N. by W., and hazy till towards noon of the 22d, when the weather cleared up, and we observed in latitude 55 deg. 48’ S., longitude 156 deg. 56’ W. In the afternoon had a few hours calm; after that, the wind came at S.S.E. and S.E. by S. a light breeze, with which we steered east northerly.  In the night the aurora australis was visible, but very faint, and no ways remarkable.

On the 23d, in the latitude of 55 deg. 46’ S., longitude 156 deg. 13’ W., the variation was 9 deg. 42’ E. We had a calm from ten in the morning till six in the evening, when a breeze sprung up at west; at first it blew a gentle gale, but afterwards freshened.  Our course was now E. 1/2 N.

On the 24th, a fresh breeze at N.W. by W. and N. by W. At noon, in latitude 55 deg. 38’ S., longitude 153 deg. 37’ W., foggy in the night, but next day had a fine gale at N.W., attended with clear pleasant weather; course steered E. by N. In the evening, being in the latitude of 55 deg. 8’ S., longitude 148 deg. 10’ W., the variation, by the mean of two compasses, was 6 deg. 35’ E.

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