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an unwilling champion to the defence of his country:  to be cut off in the flower of his age, or to remain miserably crippled with only half his limbs, might be the alternatives to which he would be reduced.”  But we forbear the distressing theme, and would willingly direct the reader’s eye and hopes, to that most beneficent provision for the repose and comfort of our meritorious sailors, which the wisdom of the legislature, too tardily it must be confessed, has lately contemplated.—­E.


The Arrival of the Ship at the Island of Huaheine; with an Account of an Expedition into the Island, and several other Incidents which happened while she lay there.

At one o’clock in the afternoon, on the 15th, we anchored in the north entrance of O’Wharre harbour, in the island of Huaheine; hoisted out the boats, warped into a proper birth, and moored with the bower and kedge anchor, not quite a cable’s length from the shore.  While this was doing, several of the natives made us a visit, amongst whom was old Oree the chief, who brought a hog and some other articles, which he presented to me, with the usual ceremony.

Next morning, the natives began to bring us fruit.  I returned Oree’s visit, and made my present to him; one article of which was red feathers.  Two or three of these the chief took in his right hand, holding them up between the finger and thumb, and said a prayer, as I understood, which was little noticed by any present.  Two hogs were soon after put into my boat, and he and several of his friends came on board and dined with us.  After dinner Oree gave me to understand what articles would be most acceptable to him and his friends, which were chiefly axes and nails.  Accordingly I gave him what he asked, and desired he would distribute them to the others, which he did, seemingly to the satisfaction of every one.  A youth about ten or twelve years of age, either his son or grandson, seemed to be the person of most note, and had the greatest share.

After the distribution was over, they all returned ashore.  Mr Forster and his party being out in the country botanizing, his servant, a feeble man, was beset by five or six fellows, who would have stripped him, if that moment one of the party had not come to his assistance; after which they made off with a hatchet they had got from him.

On the 17th, I went ashore to look for the chief, in order to complain of the outrage committed as above; but he was not in the neighbourhood.  Being ashore in the afternoon, a person came and told me Oree wanted to see me.  I went with the man, and was conducted to a large house, where the chief and several other persons of note were assembled in council, as well as I could understand.  After I was seated, and some conversation had passed among them, Oree made a speech, and was answered by another.  I understood no more of either, than just to know it regarded the

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