A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels — Volume 14 eBook

Robert Kerr (writer)
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Sect.  I. Passage from Ulietea to the Friendly Islands, with an Account of the Discovery of Hervey’s Island, and the Incidents that happened at Middleburg.

    II.  The Arrival of the Ships at Amsterdam; a Description of a Place of
    Worship; and an Account of the Incidents which happened while we
    remained at that Island.

    III.  A Description of the Islands and their Produce; with the
    Cultivation, Houses, Canoes, Navigation, Manufactures, Weapons,
    Customs, Government, Religion, and Language of the Inhabitants.

    IV.  Passage from Amsterdam to Queen Charlotte’s Sound, with an Account
    of an Interview with the Inhabitants, and the final Separation of the
    two Ships.

V. Transactions at Queen Charlotte’s Sound; with an Account of the Inhabitants being Cannibals; and various other Incidents.—­Departure from the Sound, and our Endeavours to find the Adventure; with some Description of the Coast.

    VI.  Route of the Ship from New Zealand in Search of a Continent; with
    an Account of the various Obstructions met with from the Ice, and the
    Methods pursued to explore the Southern Pacific Ocean.

VII.  Sequel of the Passage from New Zealand to Easter Island, and Transactions there, with an Account of an Expedition to discover the Inland Part of the Country, and a Description of some of the surprising gigantic Statues found in the Island.

    VIII.  A Description of the Island, and its Produce, Situation, and
    Inhabitants; their Manners, and Customs; Conjectures concerning their
    Government, Religion, and other Subjects; with a more particular
    Account of the gigantic Statues.

    IX.  The Passage from Easter Island to the Marquesas Islands. 
    Transactions and Incidents which happened while the Ship lay in Madre
    de Dios, or Resolution Bay, in the Island of St Christina.

    X. Departure from the Marquesas; a Description of the Situation,
    Extent, Figure, and Appearance of the several Islands; with some
    Account of the Inhabitants, their Customs, Dress, Habitations, Food,
    Weapons, and Canoes.

    XI.  A Description of several Islands discovered, or seen in the
    Passage from the Marquesas to Otaheite; with an Account of a Naval

    XII.  Some Account of a Visit from Otoo, Towha, and several other
    Chiefs; also of a Robbery committed by one of the Natives, and its
    Consequences, with general Observations on the Subject.

    XIII.  Preparations to leave the Island.  Another Naval Review, and
    various other Incidents; with some Account of the Island, its Naval
    Force, and Number of Inhabitants.

    XIV.  The Arrival of the Ship at the Island of Huaheine; with an
    Account of an Expedition into the Island, and several other Incidents
    which happened while she lay there.

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