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but his principal patrons were the Earl of Sandwich, Mr Banks, and Dr Solander; the former probably thought it a duty of his office to protect and countenance an inhabitant of that hospitable country, where the wants and distresses of those in his department had been alleviated and supplied in the most ample manner; the others, as a testimony of their gratitude for the generous reception they had met with during their residence in his country.  It is to be observed, that though Omai lived in the midst of amusements during his residence in England, his return to his native country was always in his thoughts, and though he was not impatient to go, he expressed a satisfaction as the time of his return approached.  He embarked with me in the Resolution, when she was fitted out for another voyage, loaded with presents from his several friends, and full of gratitude for the kind reception and treatment he had experienced among us.

[1] “On the walk to Oree’s house, Dr Sparrman and I saw great numbers of hogs, dogs, and fowls.  The last roamed about at pleasure through the woods, and roosted on fruit-trees; the hogs were likewise allowed to run about, but received regular portions of food, which were commonly distributed by old women.  We observed one of them, in particular, feeding a little pig with the same fermented bread-fruit paste, called mahei; she held the pig with one hand, and offered it a tough pork’s skin, but as soon as it opened the mouth to snap at it, she contrived to throw in a handful of the same paste, which the little animal would not take without this stratagem.  The dogs, in spite of their stupidity, were in high favour with all the women, who could not have nursed them with a more ridiculous affection, if they had really been ladies of fashion in Europe.  We were witnesses of a remarkable instance of kindness, when we saw a middle-aged woman, whose breasts were full of milk, offering them to a little puppy, which had been trained up to suck them.  We were so much surprised at this sight, that we could not help expressing our dislike of it; but she smiled at our observation, and added, that she suffered little pigs to do the same service.  Upon enquiry, however, we found that she had lost her child, and did her the justice amongst ourselves to acknowledge, that this expedient was very innocent, and formerly practised in Europe.”—­G.F.
He might have added, and still is.  It is quite usual in this country to use puppies in order to draw the breasts, when distended with milk, from the want or inability of a child to suck them.  But it is, perhaps, quite erroneous to ascribe the practice to affection or kindness, in either Europe or Otaheite.—­E.
[2] “The people of this island appeared to be so exactly like the Taheitians, that we could perceive no difference, nor could we by any means verify that assertion of former navigators, that the women of this island were in general
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