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desiring to live in peace and friendship with all kings and potentates in the way of trade; having in our country various commodities which these lands had not, and wishing to purchase such commodities in this land as our country did not possess.  He then asked me if our country had any wars; to which I answered, that we were at war with the Spaniards and Portuguese, but at peace with all other nations.  He farther asked me, what was my religious belief; to which I made answer, that I believed in God, who created the heavens and the earth.  After many questions about religion and many other things, he asked me by what way we came to his country.  Having with me a chart of the world, I showed him the way in which we had come, through the straits of Magellan; at which he wondered, and seemed as if he did not believe I spoke truth.  Asking me what merchandise we had in our ship, I gave him an account of the whole.  Thus, from one thing to another, I remained with him till midnight.  In the end, when he was ready to depart, I desired that we might be allowed the same freedom of trade which the Spaniards and Portuguese enjoyed.  He made me some answer, but what it was I did not understand, and then commanded me to be carried to prison.

Two days afterwards he sent for me again, and made many inquiries about the qualities and conditions of our countries; about wars and peace, of beasts and cattle of all sorts, of the heavens, and many other things; and he seemed well pleased with my answers.  Yet was I again remanded to prison; but my lodging was bettered in another place.

* * * * *

“The rest of this letter, by the malice of the bearers, was suppressed, but was probably the same in substance with the former; yet I have added this also, because it contains several things not mentioned in the other.  This William Adams lately[64] died at Firando, in Japan, as by the last ship, the James, returning home in the year 1621, we have received intelligence.”—­Purchas.

[Footnote 64:  This is in reference to the year 1625, when the Pilgrims of Purchas was published.—­E.]


Voyage of Sir Edward Michelburne to India, in 1604.[65]


This voyage is given by Purchas under the title of “The Second Voyage of John Davis, with Sir Edward Michelburne, into the East Indies, in the Tiger, a ship of 240 tons, with a pinnace, called the Tiger’s Whelp.”  Purchas adds, that, though later in time than the first voyage set forth by the English East India Company, he had chosen to insert it in his work previous to their voyages, because not performed in their employment; and we have here followed his example, because not one of the voyages equipped by the Company.  It is called the second voyage of John Davis, because he had been to the East Indies

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