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“Purchas has given us two accounts of this voyage, one written by Nathaniel Marten, master’s mate of the Globe, which was the only ship employed in this expedition, and the other by Mr Peter Williamson Floris, who went cape merchant, or chief factor, on this voyage.  This account by Marten is chiefly filled with nautical remarks, and observations of the latitude and variation, which may make it very acceptable to navigators and geographers, while we are sensible it may appear dry to many others.  For this reason, Purchas retrenched much of the journal, and to make amends subjoined that by Floris.  As it is our design to give a complete body of English voyages, intermixed with those of other nations, we presume that our readers will not be displeased for meeting sometimes with relations that do not afford much entertainment, especially considering that though these may not be so acceptable to some, they may yet be very useful to others.  In effect, some of the most valuable voyages are those which afford least pleasure in reading.  The first navigators of every nation to foreign countries, were chiefly employed in discovering the untried coasts, and wrote for the instruction of those who were to visit the same places afterwards, till they became sufficiently known.  For this reason it is, that the farther we advance the relations become the more agreeable; so that in a little time those who read only for pleasure will have no reason to complain.”—­Astley.

[Footnote 369:  Purch.  Pilgr.  I. 314.  Astl.  I. 429.]

At the close of this voyage, Purchas makes the following remark:  “I think these mere marine relations, though profitable to some, are to most readers tedious.  For which cause, I have abridged this, to make way for the next, written by Mr Floris, a merchant of long Indian experience, out of whose journal I have taken the most remarkable actions of this voyage, being full of pleasant variety.”  But, as well observed by the editor of Astley’s Collection, Purchas has rather curtailed than abridged, often leaving out whole paragraphs and inserting others in an abrupt and unconnected manner, passing over places without any mention, and speaking of them afterwards as if they had been mentioned before.  We have therefore used the farther liberty of still farther abridging his confused abridgment, yet so as not to omit any information that appeared at all interesting or useful.—­E.

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We weighed from Blackwell, in the good ship the Globe, on the 3d January, 1611, bound for the East Indies, and arrived at Saldanha the 21st May.  Sailing thence on the 6th June, we passed not far from Mozambique, Comora, and Pemba, and on the 31st July passed before Point de Galle, in Ceylon.  The 6th August we saw land from the topmast-head, and at 3 p.m. saw a tower or pagoda, and a ship bearing N.W. and came into eight fathoms about three leagues off shore, near Negapatam.  Continuing our course N. by E. we

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