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We sailed from Banda the 21st July, 1605, having the wind at E.S.E. and stood to the westwards.  The 22d we fell in with the south end of Bourro.  The 27th we fell in with Deselem, and then came about to the south end of the island, leaving seven islands to starboard.  We then stood close by the wind to the northward, hard by the main island of Deselem, to clear ourselves of a small island, and a shoal off the S.W. part of Deselem; then, leaving this island, and all the other shoals on our larboard side, we stood N.N.W. along the W. side of Deselem, till we came into the latitude of 6 deg. 10’ S. Then steered 18 leagues west, and fell in with the shoal off the S.W. point of Celebes, the very southmost part of which is in lat. 6 deg.  S. [only 5 deg. 45’,] and being clear of that, we steered westwards, coming to anchor in Bantam roads on the 16th August.

We set sail from Bantam on the 6th October, the Dragon and Ascension in company.  The 15th November, we were in lat. 31 deg. 48’ S. the wind W.N.W. thick foggy weather, when about 10 a.m. we came within our ship’s length of a rock or sunken island, on which the water appeared very brown and muddy, and in some places very blue.  When a ship’s breadth or two to the north of it, the water by the ship’s side was very black and thick, as though it had earth or coarse sand boiling up from the bottom.  The variation here was 21 degrees westerly.  The 16th December, in lat. 34 deg. 20’ S. we had sight of the land of Ethiopia, [Africa] about 12 leagues from us.  The 26th, being in lat. 34 deg. 30’ S. and within one league of the Cape of Good Hope, we steered N.W. and N.N.W. and N. going round the Cape.

The 27th we came to anchor in Saldanha bay, where we found our admiral and the Hector.  Our admiral had fallen in with that ship seven days before, driving up and down at sea, about four leagues from the Cape of Good Hope, having only ten men in her; all the rest, to the number of 53, having died since leaving Bantam nine months before.  Being in great distress, three months after leaving Bantam, she lost company with the Susan, which ship was never heard of afterwards.  We came to anchor at Saldanha bay in seven fathoms water, having the low point going in N.W. by W. the sugar-loaf S.W. half W. the point of the breach of the Penguin island N.W. by N. the hill between the sugar-loaf and the low point, W.S.W. and the peak of the hill to the eastward of the Table S. by E.

In the morning of the 16th January, 1606, we sailed from Saldanha bay, going to the northward of Penguin island, between it and the main.  We sounded when we had the land south from us about a mile and a half, and had ground at 20 fathoms, white coral and broken shells.  On clearing the island, we stood W. by S. and W.S.W. till we brought the island to bear S.E. by E. being now about six in the evening, when we saw the Hector coming out by the south side of the island, having left her at anchor when we weighed.  The

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