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Chap.  IX.  Continued.—­Early Voyages of the English to the East Indies before the Establishment of an Exclusive Company.

Sect.  IV.  Voyage of Mr John Eldred, by Sea, to Tripoli in Syria, and thence by Land and River to Bagdat and Basora, in 1583.

V. Of the Monsoons, or periodical Winds, with which Ships depart from Place to Place in India.  By William Barret.

VI.  First Voyage of the English to India in 1591; begun by Captain George Raymond, and completed by Captain James Lancaster.

VII.  Supplementary Account of the former Voyage, by John May.

VIII.  The unfortunate Voyage of Captain Benjamin Wood, towards the East Indies, in 1596.

IX.  Voyage of Captain John Davis to the East Indies, in 1598, as Pilot to a Dutch Ship.

X. Voyage of William Adams to Japan, in 1598, and long residence in that Island.


Sec. 1.  Brief Relation of the Voyage of Sebalt de Wert to the Straits of

Sec. 2.  First Letter of William Adams.

Sec. 3.  Letter of William Adams to his Wife.

Sect.  XI.  Voyage of Sir Edward Michelburne to India, in 1604.

Chap.  X. Early Voyages of the English to India, after the Establishment, of the East India Company.


Sect.  I. First Voyage of the English East India Company, in 1601, under the Command of Captain James Lancaster.


Sec. 1.  Preparation for the Voyage, and its Incidents till the Departure of the Fleet from Saldanha Bay.

Sec. 2.  Continuation of the Voyage, to the Nicobar and Sombrero Islands.

Sec. 3.  Their Reception and Trade at Acheen.

Sec. 4.  Portuguese Wiles discovered, and a Prize taken near Malacca.

Sec. 5.  Presents to and from the King of Acheen, and his Letters to Queen
Elizabeth.  Their Departure to Priaman and Bantam, and Settlement of
Trade at these Places.

Sec. 6.  Departure for England, and Occurrences in the Voyage.

Sect.  II.  Account of Java, and of the first Factory of the English at
Bantam; with Occurrences there from the 11th February, 1603, to the 6th
October, 1605.


Sec. 1.  Description of Java, with the Manners and Customs of its
Inhabitants, both Javanese and Chinese.

Sec. 2.  Brief Discourse of many Dangers by Fire, and other Treacheries of the Javanese.

Sec. 3.  Differences between the Hollanders, styling themselves English, and the Javans, and of other memorable Things.

Sec. 4.  Treacherous Underminings, and other Occurrences.

Sec. 5.  Arrival of General Middleton, and other Events.

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