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It has been frequently, more frequently, perhaps than justly, objected to the Shakspeare Society, that few of its publications bear directly upon the illustration of the works of the great dramatist.  That the Council would gladly publish works more immediately in connection with Shakspeare and his writings, if the materials for them could be found, is proved by the fact of their having just published the Remarks of Karl Simrock on the Plots of Shakspeare’s Plays, which that gentleman, whose name is honoured by all lovers of early German poetry and romance, appended to the third volume of the Quellen der Shakspeare, a collection of Novels, Tales, &c., illustrative of Shakspeare, which Simrock collected and translated in conjunction with Echtermeyer and Henschel, and which somewhat resembles Mr. Collier’s Shakspeare’s Library.  The translation of these remarks, made for the Society, was placed in the hands of Mr. Halliwell, and forms, with the notes and additions of that gentleman, a volume containing much new and curious information upon a very interesting point in Shakspearian literature.

Messrs. Sotheby and Co., of Wellington Street, will sell on Monday, July 8th, and six following days, a very Choice Cabinet of Coins and Medals, the property of a Nobleman; and on Monday, July 15th, and five following days, an extensive Assemblage of Historical, Theological, and Miscellaneous Books.

Messrs. Puttick and Simpson, of 191.  Piccadilly, announce a Sale of Splendid Engravings by British and Foreign Artists on Monday next.

We have received the following Catalogues:—­William Nield’s (46.  Burlington Arcade) Catalogue No. 3. of Very Cheap Books; Edward Stibbs’ (331.  Strand) Select Catalogue of a Collection of Books just purchased from a celebrated literary character.

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(In continuation of Lists in former Nos.)

DRAYTON’S POLYOLBION. (A perfect copy of any edition.)


Odd volumes.


Letters, stating particulars and lowest price, carriage free, to be sent to MR. BELL, Publisher of “NOTES AND QUERIES”, 186.  Fleet street.

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Notices to Correspondents

VOLUME THE FIRST, Complete with Index, may now be had, price 9s_. 6_d_., bound in cloth_.  THE INDEX, published last week, is, we trust, sufficiently full to satisfy to the utmost the wishes of our Subscribers.  We feel that, if called upon at any time to establish the utility of NOTES AND QUERIES, we may confidently point to the Index as a proof that the Literary Inquirer, be his particular branch of Study what it may, will not search in vain in our pages for valuable Notes and Illustrations of it.

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