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That was what had spoiled the day for Happy Jack.  He knew that if Tommy Tit said that he had done a thing, he had, for Tommy always tells the truth and nothing but the truth.  So Happy Jack hadn’t been so dreadfully bold, after all, and had nothing to brag about.  It made him feel quite put out.  He actually tried to make himself feel that it was all the fault of Tommy Tit, and that he wanted to get even with him.  He thought about it all the rest of the day, and just before he fell asleep that night an idea came to him.

“I know what I’ll do!  I’ll dare Tommy to go as far inside Farmer Brown’s house as I do!” he exclaimed, and went to sleep to dream that he was the boldest, bravest squirrel that ever lived.

The next morning when he reached the tree close by Farmer Brown’s house, he found Tommy Tit already there, flitting about impatiently and calling his loudest, which wasn’t very loud, for you know Tommy is a very little fellow, and his voice is not very loud.  But he was doing his best to call Farmer Brown’s boy.  You see, there wasn’t a single nut on the window-sill, and the window was closed.  Pretty soon Farmer Brown’s boy came to the window and opened it.  But he didn’t put out any nuts.  Tommy Tit at once flew over to the sill, and to show that he was just as bold, Happy Jack followed.  Looking inside, they saw Farmer Brown’s boy standing in the middle of the room, holding out a dish of nuts and smiling at them.  This was the chance Happy Jack wanted to try the plan he had thought of the night before.

“I dare you to go way in there and get a nut,” said he to Tommy Tit.  He hoped that Tommy would be afraid.

But Tommy wasn’t anything of the kind.  “Dee, dee, dee!  Come on!” he cried, and flitted over and helped himself to a cracked nut and was back with it before Happy Jack could make up his mind to jump down inside.  Of course now that he had dared Tommy Tit, and Tommy had taken the dare, he just had to do it too.  It looked a long way in to where Farmer Brown’s boy was standing.  Twice he started and turned back.  Then he heard Tommy Tit chuckle.  That was too much.  He wouldn’t be laughed at.  He just wouldn’t.  He scampered across, grabbed a nut, and rushed back to the window-sill, where he ate the nut.  It was easier to go after the second nut, and when he went for the third, he had made up his mind that it was perfectly safe in there, and so he sat up on a chair and ate it.  Presently he felt quite at home, and when he had eaten all the nuts he wanted, he ran all around the room, examining all the strange things there.

This was a little more than Tommy Tit could make up his mind to do.  He wasn’t afraid to fly in for a nut and then fly out again, but he couldn’t feel easy inside a house like that.  Of course, this made Happy Jack feel good all over.  You see, he felt that now he really did have something to boast about.  No one else in all the Green Forest or on the Green Meadows could say that they had been all over Farmer Brown’s boy’s room as he had.  Happy Jack swelled himself out at the thought.  Now everybody would say, “What a bold fellow!”

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