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Well, that is exactly the way it was with Happy Jack Squirrel, as he and Tommy Tit the Chickadee started to go over to Farmer Brown’s house to look for Farmer Brown’s boy.  Tommy Tit had been there often, so he didn’t think anything about it, but Happy Jack never had been there, and if the truth were known, his heart was going pitapat, pitapat, with excitement and perhaps just a little fear.  Through the Old Orchard they went, Tommy Tit flitting ahead and keeping a sharp watch for danger.  When they reached the old stone wall on the edge of Farmer Brown’s dooryard, Tommy told Happy Jack to hide there while he went to see if the way was clear.  He was back in a few minutes.

“Dee, dee, everything is all right,” said he.  “Bowser the Hound is eating; his breakfast out back where he can’t see you at all, and Black Pussy is nowhere about.  All you have to do is to follow me over to that big tree close to the house, and I will show you where Farmer Brown’s boy is.”

“I—­I’m afraid,” confessed Happy Jack.

“Pooh!  There’s nothing to be afraid of,” asserted Tommy Tit in the most positive way.  “Don’t be a coward.  Remember how Farmer Brown’s boy saved you from Shadow the Weasel.  Come on!  Dee, dee, dee, come on!” With that Tommy flew across to the tree close by the house.

Happy Jack scrambled up on the old stone wall and looked this way and looked that way.  He couldn’t see a thing to be afraid of.  He jumped down and ran a few steps.  Then his heart failed, and he scampered back to the old stone wall in a panic.  After a few minutes he tried again, and once more a foolish fear sent him back.  The third time he gritted his teeth, said to himself over and over, “I will!  I will!  I will!” and ran with all his might.  In no time at all he was across the dooryard and up in the big tree, his heart pounding with excitement.

“Dee, dee, dee,” called Tommy Tit.

Happy Jack looked over to the house, and there sat Tommy on a window-sill, helping himself to the most delicious-looking cracked nuts.  The sight of them made Happy Jack’s mouth water.  A long branch hung down over the window and almost touched the sill.  Happy Jack ventured half way and stopped.  Somehow it seemed very dangerous to go so close to that window.

“Come on!  Come on!  What are you afraid of?” called Tommy.

Something like shame that such a little fellow as Tommy Tit should dare to go where he did not, crept into Happy Jack’s heart.  With a quick little run and jump he was on the sill, and a second later he was staring in at all the strange things inside.  At first he didn’t see anything of Farmer Brown’s boy, but in a few minutes he made him out.  He was lying down all covered over except his head.  There was something the matter with him.  Happy Jack didn’t need to be told that, and a great pity filled his heart.  He wanted to do something for Farmer Brown’s boy.


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