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As soon as it was daylight, Happy Jack scrambled out of bed to look for Tommy Tit.  He didn’t have long to wait, for Tommy is quite as early a riser as Happy Jack.

    “Dee, dee, chickadee! 
    I hope you feel as well as me!”

sang Tommy merrily, as he flitted over to where Happy Jack was looking for his breakfast.  The very sound of Tommy’s voice made Happy Jack feel better.  One must feel very badly indeed not to be a little more cheerful when Tommy Tit is about.  The fact is, Tommy Tit packs about so much good cheer in that small person of his, that no one can be downhearted when he is about.

“Hello, Tommy,” said Happy Jack.  “If I could make other people feel as good as you do, do you know what I would do?”

“What?” asked Tommy.

“I’d go straight up to Farmer Brown’s house and try to cheer up Farmer Brown’s boy,” replied Happy Jack.

“That’s the very thing I have in mind,” chuckled Tommy.  “I’ve come over here to see if you won’t come along with me.  I’ve been up to his house so often that he won’t think half so much of a visit from me as he will from you.  Will you do it?”

Happy Jack looked a little startled.  You see, he never had been over to Farmer Brown’s house, and somehow he couldn’t get over the idea that it would be a very dangerous thing to do.  “I—­I—­do you really suppose I could?” he asked.

“I’m sure of it,” replied Tommy Tit.  “There’s no one to be afraid of but Black Pussy and Bowser the Hound, and it’s easy enough to keep out of their way.  You can hide in the old stone wall until the way is clear and then run across to the big maple tree close to the house.  Then you can look right in and see Farmer Brown’s boy, and he can look out and see you.  Will you do it?”

Happy Jack thought very hard for a few minutes.  Then he made up his mind.  “I’ll do it!” said he in a very decided tone of voice.  “Let’s start right away.”

“Good for you!  Dee, dee, good for you!” cried Tommy Tit, and started to lead the way.



    As grows the mighty elm tree,
    From just a tiny seed,
    So often great things happen
    From just a kindly deed.

    Happy Jack.

Great things were happening to Happy Jack Squirrel.  He was actually on his way to Farmer Brown’s house, and he had a feeling that other things were likely to happen when he got there.  Now you may not think that it was anything very great that Happy Jack should be on his way to Farmer Brown’s house.  Very likely you are saying, “Pooh! that’s nothing!” This may be true, and then again it may not.  Suppose you do a little supposing.  Suppose you had all your life been terribly afraid of a great giant fifty times bigger than you.  Suppose that great giant had stopped hunting you and by little deeds of kindness had at last won your love.  Suppose you learned that something was the matter with him, and you made up your mind to visit him at his great castle where there were other great giants whom you did not know.  Wouldn’t you think that great things were happening to you?

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