Sketches of Natural History of Ceylon eBook

J. Emerson Tennent
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Sorex coerulescens, Shaw.
  ferrugineus, Kelaart.
  serpentarius, Is.  Geoff.
  montanus, Kelaart
Feroculus macropus, Kel
Ursus labiatus, Blainv
Lutra nair, F.  Cuv
Canis aureus. Linn.
Viverra Indica, Geoff., Hod
Herpestes vitticollis, Benn.
  griseus, Gm
  Smithii, Gray.
  fulvescens, Kelaart
Paradoxurus typus, F.  Cuv.
  Ceylonicus, Pall
Felis pardus, Linn.
  chaus, Guldens.
  viverrinus, Benn.


Sciurus macrurus, Forst
  Tennentii, Layard.
  penicillatus. Leach.
  trilineatus, Waterh
Sciuropterus Layardi, Kel
Pteromys petaurista, Pall
Mus bandicota, Bechst
  Kok, Gray
Mus rufescens. Gray.
  nemoralis, Blyth
  Indicus, Geoff.
  fulvidiventris, Blyth
Nesoki Hardwickii, Gray
Golunda Neuera, Kelaart
  Ellioti, Gray
Gerbillus Indicus, Hardw
Lepus nigricollis, F.  Cuv.
Hystrix leucurus, Sykes.


Manis pentadactyla, Linn.


Elephas Sumatranus, Linn.
Sus Indicus, Gray.
  Zeylonicus, Blyth.


Moschus meminna, Eral
Stylocerus muntjac, Horsf
Axis maculata, H.  Smith
Rusa Aristotelis, Cuv.


Halicore dugung, F.  Cuv.



* * * * *

Structure and Functions.

During my residence at Kandy, I had twice the opportunity of witnessing the operation on a grand scale, of capturing wild elephants, intended to be trained for the public service in the establishment of the Civil Engineer;—­and in the course of my frequent journeys through the interior of the island, I succeeded in collecting so many facts relative to the habits of these interesting animals in a state of nature, as enable me not only to add to the information previously possessed, but to correct many fallacies popularly received regarding their instincts and disposition.  These particulars I am anxious to place on record before proceeding to describe the scenes of which I was a spectator, during the progress of the elephant hunts in the district of the Seven Korles, at which I was present in 1846, and again in 1847.

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