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J. Emerson Tennent
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Serpents.—­Venomous species rare
  Tic polonga and carawala
  Cobra de capello
  Tame snakes (note)
  Anecdotes of the cobra de capello
  Legends concerning it
  Instance of land snakes found at sea
  Singular tradition regarding the robra de capello
  Uropeltidae.—­New species discovered in Ceylon
  Buddhist veneration for the cobra de capello
  The Python
  Tree snakes
  Water snakes
  Sea snakes
  Snake stones
  Analysis of one
  Tree frogs

List of Ceylon reptiles



Ichthyology of Ceylon, little known

Fish for table, seir fish

Sardines, poisonous?



Fish of brilliant colours

The ray

The sword-fish

Curious fish described by AElian

Salarias alticus

Beautifully coloured fishes

Fresh-water fish, little known,—­not much eaten

Fresh-water fish in Colombo Lake



Immense profusion of fish in the rivers and lakes

Their re-appearance after rain

Mode of fishing in the ponds

Showers of fish

Conjecture that the ova are preserved, not tenable

Fish moving on dry land
  Ancient authorities, Greek and Roman
  Aristotle and Theophrastus
  Athenaeus and Polybius
  Livy, Pompomus, Mela, and Juvenal
  Seneca and Pliny
  Georgius Agricola, Gesner, &c. 
  Instances in Guiana (note)
  Perca Scandens, ascends trees
  Doubts as to the story of Daldorf

Fishes burying themselves daring the dry season
  The protopterus of the Gambia
  Instances in the fish of the Nile
  Instances in the fish of South America
  Living fish dug out of the ground in the dry tanks in Ceylon
  Molluscs that bury themselves
  The animals that so bury themselves in India
  Analogous case of
  Theory of aestivation and hybernation

Fish in hot water in Ceylon

List of Ceylon fishes

Instances of fishes falling from the clouds

Note on Ceylon fishes by Professor Huxley

Comparative note by Dr. Gray, Brit.  Mus.

Note on the Bora-chung



I. Conchology.—­General character of Ceylon shells
  Confusion regarding them in scientific works and collections
  Ancient export of shells from Ceylon
  Special forms confined to particular localities
  The pearl fishery of Aripo
  Frequent suspensions of
  Experiment to create beds of the pearl oyster
  Process of diving for pearls
  Danger from sharks

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