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J. Emerson Tennent
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Uropeltis, 301.  Urre! cry of the elephant drivers, 222.

Valentyn’s account of the mermaid, 70. 
  Dutch mode of taking elephants, 164. 
Venloos Bay, its profusion of shells, 369. 
Vossius, Isaac, 68.

Waloora. See Wild-boar, 59.
  dreaded by the Singhalese, 59. 
Wanderoo monkey, 5. 
Wasps, wasps’ nest, 418.
  mason-wasp, 416. 
Water-fowl, 260, 262. 
Water snakes, 308. 
Weaver-bird, 251. 
Whales, 68. See Cetacea. 
White, Adam, Esq., Brit Mus., Introd
White, of Selbourne, his theory of animals suckled by strange mothers, 113
White ants, 411. See Termites. 
Whiting, Mr., account of buried fishes, 342 n., 354. 
Wild-boar, 59. 
Wolf, Jo.  Christian, travels in Ceylon, 99 n., 115 n.
  his account of elephants there, 99.
  describes pitfalls for elephants, 157 n
Wood-carrying moth, 430.  See Insects. 
Worms, parasite, 396. See Radiata
Wound when elephant shooting, 154. 
Wright, Thomas, Esq., F.S.A., 104.

Yarrell’s theory of buried fish, 342. 
Yule’s embassy to Ava, 216 n.

Zimb fly, 434. 
Zoology neglected in Ceylon, 3. See Natural History.
  partial extent to which it has been cultivated, Introd.



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