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J. Emerson Tennent
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Pyrops, Spin.
  punctata, Oliv.

Aphaena, Guer.
  sanguinalis, Westw.

Elidiptera, Spin
  Emersoniana, White.

Fam.  CIXIIDAE, Wlk.

Eurybrachys, Guer.
  tomentosa, Fabr.
  dilatata, Wlk.
  crudelis, Westw.

Cixius, Latr.
  nubilus, _Wlk_.

Fam.  ISSIDAE, Wlk.

Hemisphaerius, Schaum.
  Schaumi, _Staf_.
bipustulatus, Wlk.

Fam.  DERBIDAE, Schaum.

Thracia, Westw.
  pterophorides, Westw.

Derbe, Fabr.
  furcato-vittata, _Stal_.

Fam.  FLATTIDAE, Schaum.

Flatoides, Guer.
  hyalinus, Fabr.
  tenebrosus, Wlk.

Ricania, Germ
  Hemerobii, Wlk.

Poeciloptera, Latr.
  pulvernlenta, Guer.
  stellaris, Wlk
  Tennentina, White.


Oxyrhachis, Germ.
  indicans, _Wlk_.

Centrotus, Fabr.
  reponens, _Wlk_.
malleus, Wlk.
  substitutus, Wlk.
  decipiens, _Wlk_.
relinquens, Wlk.
  imitator, _Wlk_.
repressus, Wlk.
  terminalis, _Wlk_.

Fam.  CERCOPIDAE, Leach.

Cercopis, Fabr.
  inclusa, Wlk.

Ptyelus, Lep. & Serv.
  costalis, Wlk.


Tettigonia, Latr.
  paulula, Wlk.

Fam.  SCARIDAE, Wlk.

Ledra, Fabr.
  rugosa, Wlk.
  conica, Wlk.

Gypona, Germ.
  prasina, Wlk.

Fam.  IASSIDAE, Wlk.

Acocephalus, Germ.
  porrectus, Wlk.

Fam.  PSYLLIDAE, Latr.

Psylla, Goff.
  marginalis, _Wlk_.

Fam.  COCCIDAE, Leach.

Lecanium, Illig
  Coffeae, Wlk.



* * * * *

Arachinida—­Myriopoda—­Crustacea, etc.

With a few striking exceptions, the true spiders of Ceylon resemble in oeconomy and appearance those we are accustomed to see at home;—­they frequent the houses, the gardens, the rocks and the stems of trees, and along the sunny paths, where the forest meets the open country, the Epeira and her congeners, the true net-weaving spiders, extend their lacework, the grace of the designs being even less attractive than the beauty of the creatures that elaborate them.

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